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Nice that you are interested in a guest article. I always look forward to new topics, ideas and fresh wind because there are a variety of topics that we cannot all cover.

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A guest article for companies

A guest article is a good way to advertise the company or to upgrade your own domain with a backlink. I have over 25,000 readers per month and the chance that you will win new customers through the guest article is very high.

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Customers win through guest articles

With the help of guest articles, you can reach a new reader group and have the advantage that articles in well-known magazines or on blogs like Projektify are not as popular for readers as on corporate corporate blogs. You can use it to acquire new customers who read the article on Projektify and are then directed to your company website by a link.

Importance of a backlink through guest articles

A backlink or back reference is an incoming external link from another website to your other. For search engines, this is a primary means of how significant a website is. The number of backlinks is a factor in how important a website is and whether it enjoys a high reputation on the web.

Conditions for Guest Article

With the ordering of a Guestarticle you also accept the Conditions for a Guestarticle at

Information about the guest article

1. Is the article marked as advertising?

Normally not. Only if it includes advertisment than I need to clarify them as commerical with a small box because of the german law. If this should be a problem – just contact me and we will find a solution.

2. Is the link Dofollow or Nofollow?


3. How long does the article stay online (guaranteed term)?

As long as my blog exists at least 3 years.

4. Is the article creation included or should we deliver the article (both possible)?

I can write the article for an additional charge of 50 euros (400 words)

5. If we deliver the text, do you have any special requirements for the text creation (e.g. length of text in words, language style, address)?

No. I am completely uncomplicated and flexible!

6. How long is the processing time approximately (in working days)?

It takes a maximum of 48h

7. Must an author be specified?

It can go online anonymously or by specifying an author.

8. How can I pay?

I only accept IBAN and Paypal (no fee). Other services are excluded or must be discussed with me beforehand. There is always a bill.

9. is the article visible on the home page?

I decide this on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, it will not be visible on the home page.

10. will the article be in the Google index in any case?

I cannot guarantee this. I also take out articles if they are not indexed by Google.

11. what else do I need to know?

You can find the terms and conditions for the guest article here. You accept them with your order. However, I will explicitly point this out to you in an email.

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Visibility on the Internet

E-commerce trade has grown strongly in importance in recent years. Services are also increasingly being offered via the Internet. This offers companies the opportunity to work from home regardless of location and time. However, with the rise of digitization, the challenges have also increased rapidly. Visibility on the web is an essential prerequisite for connecting with customers and making the target group aware of what is on offer. For budding businesses, basics in SEO are an essential requirement to be able to generate sales.

In this post, we want to share a few ways that will help you increase visibility on the web.

basics: the Google algorithm

Per minute, 3.8 million search queries are launched through Google alone. With this amount of information available on the web, it would be impossible to provide relevant information if not for Google’s pre-selection process. Google’s ranking procedure is based on very different evaluation criteria, which ultimately ensure that users are shown results that are relevant to them.

Behind the Google algorithm are mathematical procedures that evaluate websites according to their content and relevance. They are responsible for the visibility of websites in the search results. This Google algorithm is constantly being adapted. For this reason, operators of websites must constantly adapt to the new changes and always rank their content up to date.

SEO – a definition

Under SEO all measures are summarized, which serve to let websites rank high in the Google search. Search engine optimization includes onpage optimization and offpage optimization.

Why are basics in SEO important? Numerous results have found that the probability of a user going to the second or third page in Google search is dwindling. This is because results that show up higher up are also characterized as more trustworthy than results that are on other pages. The higher the web pages appear, the more relevant the content is classified. Especially in times of digitalization, more and more people see the possibility to earn their money on the web, thus new websites are added every day. Due to this abundance of information, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to stand up to the competition.

SEO – Essential Measures

SEO is composed of two essential measures: onpage optimization and offpage optimization. Onpage optimization includes all measures on the website that serve to improve the ranking of the website. Offpage optimization includes actions taken from outside the website to achieve better rankings.

Onpage optimization

Onpage optimization includes all measures taken on the actual website to achieve a higher ranking. These measures include, for example, high-quality content, high user-friendliness, relevant keywords and also fast loading times. Off-page optimization includes, above all, good backlink building.

These measures will be discussed in more detail below:

The keyword research

Before operators deal more closely with the SEO measures, a keyword research should take place, because this forms the basis for all further measures. Here there are free tools and paid tools. The Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular tools for keyword research. However, this tool does not output any meaningful search volumes. It makes sense to invest in paid tools to get more meaningful results.

The keywords can then be structured and sorted by relevance. The most appropriate of these keywords should be included in headlines and content. However, make sure that the keyword density is not too high. The texts should not be overloaded with keyword stuffing.
Search intention of the userWebsite operators
should put themselves in the user’s shoes when developing their website and ask themselves: What is the user’s search intention? In the best case, the website should provide an answer to this very question, so that not only does a visit occur, but the stay on the website increases and a contact is made.

Focus on relevant content

Content is king. Content plays a significant role in search engines and influences the actual ranking. For example, if you offer a service in a certain area, it can help to look at the first Google results of your closest competitors. Take a close look at this website with all its subpages. There must be some reason that these pages rank at the top of Google search. What about the content? Position yourself as an expert in your field and really go wild on these topics. Google ranks web pages that provide long and relevant content better than web pages that are light on text and media.

Many companies have already moved to integrate a corporate blog into their website. The more content that is published, the higher the likelihood that one’s website will appear higher up in Google results. You should also take a cue from your competitors when it comes to content length. How long is the text on each page? If a 2000-word text length is the norm, you should aim for the same if possible, and maybe even exceed it. The same is true for integrated media such as images and videos.

If blogs are integrated on your own web pages, you should make sure that evergreen content is also offered. This term refers to articles that are still current over a longer period of time. Examples are instructions, guide texts or product reviews.

Click rates and dwell time

The click rates and dwell time of users on your site also have a significant influence on the ranking. If users come to your website but then bounce back, this indicates that they did not find what they were looking for on your website. Again, look at your competition and optimize your website accordingly.

Be perceived as an expert online

An equally important aspect is the credibility, trust and expert knowledge of websites. Larger websites such as Amazon, Zalando or Otto do not have a particularly hard time with this. The name has a high recognition value and evokes associations in us. Most people associate trust and credibility with these names. Smaller websites have to invest more to become an expert in the eyes of users. What makes you an expert? Have you had any special training? Are you constantly educating yourself? Have you acquired special knowledge through self-study based on your own interest? Communicate these factors openly with your visitors and reveal who is behind the posts. This makes you more likeable in the eyes of users and builds trust. Present your users with neat and deeply researched articles. If statistics or research are mentioned, link to them to back up your credibility.

Internal links

Facilitate easier navigation for your users by integrating the appropriate internal links. If these are missing and users have to search for the pages first, this increases the likelihood that users will bounce sooner or later.

Secure websites are preferred

Have you already converted your site to HTTPS? Google ranks pages with a secure connection higher than it does with unsecured connections. This is also because users don’t like to visit an unsecured connection as much as a secured one.

Pay attention to the loading speed

A fast loading speed of the mobile and desktop version also have a positive effect on the ranking of the website. Google wants to provide its users with the best results at all times. If the loading speed is too slow, it will have a negative impact on the user experience, which is why it negatively affects the ranking.

Ensure regular updates

In the end, it always pays to invest time in your website. The above measures are important to get more attention on the Internet in the long run. This gives you the opportunity (if, all conditions are right) to rank high in Google search, even if you are once not active. Nevertheless, you should regularly provide for updates. Because if a website is no longer maintained, this flows into the ranking procedure just as irregularly posting articles.

Integrate downloads into your website

Finally, it also makes it worth paying if you embed additional documents such as whitepapers and e-books into your website for downloading. These will be sent to the users in exchange for leaving the contact details. This way, you can provide your target audience with additional information about your products or services on a regular basis.

SEO is a lengthy but sustainable process. Between 3 to 12 months can pass before SEO measures take effect. Therefore, it may well be worth considering investing in paid ads in the first phase to boost sales in the short term.

Offpage optimization

Offpage optimization refers to measures that are launched from outside the company’s own website in order to influence its own ranking. One of the most important measures is the building of so-called backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that refer to your own website from another website. If the other website is particularly trustworthy and has a very high authority, backlinks can positively influence your own ranking.

Possibilities to build backlinks

Even at the start of a website it can be a high challenge to get such backlinks. Various methods can be used here. The first possibility is to ask operators of websites that enjoy a high authority about the possibility of adding backlinks to their website. Unfortunately, this procedure often comes to nothing, does not bring the desired answer or is simply ignored. In this case, website operators must put themselves in the other website operator’s situation and consider what can be offered to them in return. No website operator will take up this offer for nothing.

Another possibility is to integrate backlinks into the comment function of blogs or forums. The disadvantage of this option is that many have the NoFollow attribute integrated. This ensures that the link cannot be followed up and consequently has no influence on the ranking.

Advantages of guest posts

Guest posts on other people’s blogs are effective ways to build backlinks. However, the posts must be cleanly researched and well structured. The reader must be offered added value through highly relevant content. If these requirements are met, you can send a message to the blog’s operator by submitting a guest blog proposal to them.

What are the benefits of writing guest blogs? Before you start looking for a suitable blog, you should consider which ones might fit your target audience. However, there should also not be too much competition, otherwise a guest blog could be rather counterproductive. If the operator agrees to write a guest blog, you should coordinate well in terms of language, structure, topic and the integrated media. You should also pay close attention to spelling, grammar and the agreed deadline. Pull out all the stops when writing to be able to offer real value to readers. Only by writing an exceptionally good guest blog can you sustainably increase your ranking.

A guest article has numerous advantages for you. Write a guest blog on a larger blog that enjoys special authority, you can expand your ranking and also underpin your expert status. These posts are shared especially often and also get a lot of attention on social networks like Facebook. In addition, the guest article also gives you the opportunity to sustainably expand your own network. If you write blog posts regularly, you will also gain a routine in writing in this way. However, with guest blogs, there are paid variants and unpaid guest blogs. This means that some blog owners charge a fee for publishing your post.

Sponsored Post

Paid blogs or sponsored posts is a method that is also seen by many companies as a way to expand their own reach. This is because blogs that have a wide reach enjoy a certain reputation among the public and attract numerous readers per month to their site. Companies that are just appearing on the Internet lack the reach to attract the attention of their target audience. They therefore specifically look for bloggers who have a well-developed network and whose opinions are considered trustworthy by the public. Companies can use these influencers to draw attention to their own offerings. Unlike paid guest articles, sponsored posts are written by the bloggers. It is left up to them how they structure the text. The price is based on the number of views and the number of words the post comprises. These blogs are provided with the appropriate backlinks and can help companies gain more attention on the web, but also in social media, as they usually have a large network on Facebook and posts can thus be made available to a wide audience.

By the way, Sponsored Posts offer bloggers a great opportunity to market their own website. Per sponsored post, a few hundred euros can jump out. There are also many larger bloggers who, as so-called influencers, can make a living from their website in this way. To get this far, however, your own website must have built up a very large reach.

By the way, mutual cooperation should be avoided when building backlinks. This is understood when one website links to the other with a backlink and vice versa. This strategy can backfire and such websites are often penalized. It is better to include a third party. This means: the first website links with a backlink to the second website and the second website links to the third.

Further possibilities

Finally, the possibility to rent links and content seeding should be presented.

The link rental

Even if the operator is still at the beginning of his business, it can be difficult to get backlinks. Also, the writing of guest articles is associated with a not inconsiderable effort, which at least start-ups do not have. Often, link renting is the better alternative to effectively achieve better rankings.

The starting point here are again websites that have a large reach and enjoy a certain reputation in the public. These build a link into their website that refers to their own website. This cooperation is associated with link rental with a monthly fee. The advantages are similar to those of writing guest blogs: The website operator benefits from a wider reach, users are made aware of their own offer and time is saved that would be spent writing guest blogs. On the other hand, this measure is of course associated with the expenditure of money. In addition, there is a risk of being penalized by Google. Therefore, care should be taken that the website also fits to the own target group.

Content Seeding

With content seeding, the operators of websites that enjoy a high reputation become aware of their own website on their own and then integrate backlinks. Particularly popular are websites that have integrated documents for download or video files. In order to succeed with this strategy, one’s own website must have real added value.

Even more tips

In conclusion, it should be mentioned at this point that the topic of SEO is a very complex area, which is subject to constant changes. In addition to the measures mentioned above, social media marketing can be used as an effective method to draw attention to one’s website. Instagram has long been recognized by companies as a gigantic marketing tool that can be used to boost sales. Recently, Instagram has also had an integrated store function that takes users directly to their own website, where they can place orders. YouTube is now the second largest search engine and is used by many companies for marketing purposes. The advantages are clear: videos can be used to describe products or services more vividly than text. Influencers, who have a very large reach, can also be found via YouTube or Instagram and can be an authentic and reliable method for companies to boost their own sales.

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