Most of them think for themselves Affiliate marketing to a one-time payment per click. A partner program generates special links that bring the affiliate real money. But what are so-called lifetime commissions for affiliates that you can simply get permanently?

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Lifetime commissions for affiliates

A lifetime commission is differentiated from the fact that it is not paid per sale or lead, but the affiliate recruits a customer. You get money as long as the customer generates sales. Let’s take the example of a subscription to a tool that costs 10 euros per month. A lifetime commission could be that 1 euro is paid out to the affiliate every month.

Advantages and disadvantages of lifetime commissions

In principle, it is possible that regular sales are generated. Especially if a customer stays with the subscription or tool for a long time, money flows constantly, that is passive income . It is also often difficult to advertise customers and therefore there is the chance to simply get more out of a customer in the long term.

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The disadvantage, however, is that you often have to offer expensive and very complex products. Customers don’t even buy these “just like that”. So it takes some time before you can win customers and you need a lot Content . These programs are also not available for every product.

Lifetime commission provider

There are several providers of such programs. Basically, every program has to be examined very carefully and to see whether it really generates passive income for you and whether you can deliver enough content. You should also see how much competition you have. Basically, we can give you 4 providers that can be found quickly on Google:

  • Credimaxx
  • Auxmoney

Lifetime commission with purchased web project

It’s hard to build a lifetime commission. You have to find the right program and get the customers. In addition, build up a lot of content, get a good ranking on Google and of course attract a lot of customers to your site.

This can be stressful and annoy you with costs. At Projektify we sell finished affiliate projects, which you can conveniently display with our filters. You can have a look. Maybe you will find something. As an association, we are completely free of charge and do not charge any commission. maybe you also have a project that you would like to sell with us. Try it out!

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