Lifetime commission


Most of them think for themselves Affiliate marketing to a one-time payment per click. A partner program generates special links that bring the affiliate real money. But what are so-called lifetime commissions for affiliates that you can simply get permanently? Reading tip: Tips for affiliate projects Lifetime commissions for affiliates A lifetime commission is differentiated from the fact that it is not paid per sale or lead, but the affiliate recruits a customer. You get money as long as the customer generates sales. Let’s take the example of a subscription to a tool that costs 10 euros per month. A lifetime commission could be that 1 euro is paid out to the affiliate every month. Advantages and disadvantages of lifetime commissions In principle, it is possible that regular sales are generated. Especially if a customer stays with the subscription or tool for a long time, money flows constantly, that is…

Under Affiliate marketing Most understand a payment per click via a specially generated link. Thus, a commission is paid to the affiliate for each customer generated. But for many website operators this never leads to real passive income , because new content and customers have to be won over and over again. We will show you how you can generate real passive income using selected lifetime partner programs. Lifetime commission It is different in the lifetime partner programs, the lifetime commission does not require the acquisition of new customers. Once you have referred customers to the company and you will always earn money from subsequent purchases. It doesn’t matter if you still do something or not. Of course, not every customer will stay with the company permanently, but you have the chance to generate constant income over many years. Subscription systems that promise you constant and predictable income are particularly…

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