Under Affiliate marketing Most understand a payment per click via a specially generated link. Thus, a commission is paid to the affiliate for each customer generated. But for many website operators this never leads to real passive income , because new content and customers have to be won over and over again. We will show you how you can generate real passive income using selected lifetime partner programs.

Lifetime commission

It is different in the lifetime partner programs, the lifetime commission does not require the acquisition of new customers. Once you have referred customers to the company and you will always earn money from subsequent purchases. It doesn’t matter if you still do something or not.

Of course, not every customer will stay with the company permanently, but you have the chance to generate constant income over many years. Subscription systems that promise you constant and predictable income are particularly worthwhile. This is often the case with online shops, where the customer tends to shop sporadically and irregularly. Also for business in trade is this a worthwhile alternative.

However, not everyone offers such a program. You will find it mostly in the areas of gambling, forex / trading / binary options, adult entertainment, dating, information products or magazines as a result of the subscription model.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Lifetime Affiliate Programs

On the one hand, you get regular income and if you continue to actively build customers, it will even increase. Even if you don’t invest any more time, income can still come into your account. Furthermore, you make yourself independent of the Google ranking as soon as you have collected enough customers. The downside is that these services and products are often expensive, difficult to advertise, and have high competition.

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Lifetime affiliate programs

So, with lifetime programming programs, you’re still making money. Even if you don’t do anything anymore and your website has long been shut down. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few providers.

  • Credimaxx
  • Auxmoney
  • Finanz.de
  • Affbinary.com
  • Ridaud.com
  • Conversionboosting.com
  • Xovi.de
  • Abo-direkt.de
  • duratio.de
  • Bigpoint.de

With Credimax, Duratio and Auxmoney you will find three providers of credit as well as Ricaud, a provider of anti-aging products. We have put together a colorful selection for you on purpose. In addition to magazine subscription providers (Abo-Direkt), a gaming provider (Bigpoint) and an SEO tool (XOVI), everything is included. It’s your choice!

Passive income with Projektify

Do you notice that building a web project is exhausting and want to get started right away with passive income and a suitable lifetime partner program? Then have a look at Projektify. We sell web projects and through our filters you can view lucrative affiliate projects directly or sell your web project for free.

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If you also want to talk to an expert personally on this topic and ask him a few important questions, then you will find ours here “Get rich on the Internet” service .


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