You can’t or don’t want to afford a few to rent a condominium additional income , in addition to your regular salary, would be nice though? Then a ready-made affiliate website could be just the thing for you!

Passive income through Affiliate websites

Unlike, for example, one Online shop who sells goods itself, you need one as the operator Affiliate shops no own warehouse. The advertised products are distributed, and thus also sent, by your respective advertising partner: the advertiser. Affiliate websites can be more than just shops. Also Niche sites how Comparison portals or Information platforms that earn income by promoting products or contracts are known as affiliate websites.

The term

The English verb “to affiliate” means something like “to connect” or “to affiliate”. As a so-called affiliate, you are part of the sales chain, as you advertise the products of the retailer (or several providers) with your website. If someone buys this or another product from the respective provider, you will receive a commission. Depending on the partner program, the leads are also remunerated.

INFO: The difference between lead & sale

With remuneration per sale, you will only receive commission if the supplier whose products you are promoting has actually received an order and the product has also been delivered.

In the case of a lead, on the other hand, an action is already remunerated that has not necessarily generated sales for the provider. However, the remuneration per sale is the more common approach in the affiliate area. The remuneration model per lead is often found in insurance companies, for example when customers receive a non-binding insurance offer.

The processing of both remuneration models is usually completely uncomplicated and digital via well-known affiliate portals such as Zanox, Tradedoubler or Incidentally, the largest provider with its own affiliate program is Amazon.

Examples of affiliate websites

Whether it is a travel portal, insurance comparison or a niche site – the possibilities with the own website money to to earn are almost limitless. The only hurdle: You have to have a good idea and then implement it professionally. This requires a little skill and diligence; after all, the website needs a lot of good ones Content . Only in this way does it fulfill its purpose and has a realistic chance of appearing on the first page for specific search queries on Google and Co. Because: The sales of an affiliate website stand or fall with the number of monthly views.

Buy ready-made affiliate websites

If your own implementation of an affiliate idea is not your thing, you can also use an existing one Buy affiliate websitethat either has not yet achieved any sales or has already achieved significant sales. You can buy ready-made affiliate websites on Projektify – deals is available here for every budget.

If you have any further questions about the sale, please use ours directly Purchase advice service . Here you can get your answers directly from an experienced expert.

Reading tip: Buy / sell finished affiliate shops


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