How does that sound You sit on the beach and enjoy another great day in paradise and your niche sites generate income for you daily. For many, financial freedom is the ultimate goal. This is possible with niche sites and in this article I would like to shed light on with you how many niche sites are necessary so that you are financially free and no longer have to work in a regular job.

A niche site for me is a website that deals with a certain topic and generates income through its own products or affiliate income. I subdivide into three types of niche sites and would like to introduce you to all three and then put together a niche portfolio: because the mix is crucial.

Small niche pages

First there are so-called small niche pages. These are pages with a tiny market of a few thousand people (search volume on Google approx. 1000 – 10,000 per month). Most of the time, the pages deal with a specific product such as Rubik Cubes, Newton pendulums or USB rocket launchers.

scope : The site has a product text of approx. 1000 words and some information and images as well as affiliate links.

Potential: The potential of the pages is 10 – 100 euros per month through affiliate marketing of the product. The big advantage is that you can set them up very quickly, have hardly any follow-up effort and hardly find any competition due to the small niche. The disadvantage is that you hardly earn any money with it and that many small niche sites tend to generate sales in the low range.

Small niche sites

Small niche pages are a bit broader and often deal with an explanatory product such as financial products or the Raspberry PI. Another alternative is comparison tips for a product group such as flat-screen TVs or ergonomic keyboards or a slightly larger blog. They deal with a large keyword or a keyword group that has a search volume on Google of 10,000 – 25,000 hits per month.

scope : In addition to the product text, the site also has some blog articles and backlinks.

potential : The potential of such sites is around 100 – 1000 euros per month through their own products or affiliate links and advertisements. The big advantage is that the page focuses more in depth and thus penetrates some subject areas quite deeply. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to set up, you have to familiarize yourself with the product and find competition.

Medium niche pages

Medium-sized niche sites are larger blogs or somewhat more extensive online shops. This can be, for example, a blog with services such as webinars or lectures, your own online shop or your own platform such as Projektify. With the niche page you are using approx. 1-5 large keywords (search volume over 25,000 or one with over 100,000).

scope : This site already has more extensive functions such as its own small community, many condensed blog articles with their own services such as lectures or advice or a large YouTube channel.

potential : The potential of the pages is 1000 – 3000 euros (and possibly a little more). The big advantage is that you can establish yourself as an expert and focus completely on the topic. The disadvantage is that you are heavily dependent on your topic really remaining trending and that you have to constantly educate yourself and deliver new content.

Large niche sites are often not worthwhile

Large niche sites are often not profitable and take a lot of effort. From a certain size, in my experience, you have a lot of work, competition and need employees. You would then be back to a full-time job, so to speak, and you can hardly enjoy your free time. There are also costs for external service providers and other tasks that you have from a certain size.

Financial freedom through the niche side

First, we should know how much money we need to make in order to be fundamentally financially free. I’ll take Max Mustermann from Nuremberg in Bavaria (the home of Projektify) as an example. The average annual income in Bavaria in metropolitan areas like Nuremberg is around 40,000 euros in jobs related to web / e-commerce. With that, Max earns around 2,133 euros as a single. Max now wants to be financially free!

There are rules of thumb that a self-employed person should earn around 1.5 times his salary. This is due to taxes, insurance and reserves. Now 1.5 times that of 2,133 euros is around 3,200 euros. So our goal is to earn 3,200 euros per month through the portfolio.

Your niche site portfolio

Now I would like to put together a portfolio for your niche sites. A mix of the three categories of niche sites makes sense for this. You should deduct the costs for domains and web space. For example, I pay 240 euros a year (20 euros a month). So Max would have to earn 3,220 euros. To this end, he has built up the following portfolio:

  • 1 medium niche page e.g. large blog on a topic. Max earns money through services such as advice and a sponsor for advertisements – around 1,500 euros
  • 2 small niche sites such as a comparison site about flat screens, computers, e-cigarettes and much more. Max makes money from dropshipping and advertising. – approx. 1000 euros (500 per page)
  • 30 small niche pages about various small products (USB rocket launchers, stamps, …). Max makes money through affiliate marketing. The total of the pages makes about 750 euros

Of course, that’s just my recommendation. You can also make other combinations such as 1000 small niche pages. However, I find this combination to be very balanced.

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