Closed fashion stores, DIY stores and toy stores – the lockdown has given online retail a major boost. According to the BEVH, gross sales from e-commerce have risen by 14.6 percent – that means an increase from 72.6 billion euros to sales of 83.3 billion euros. Goods for everyday use have also been significantly affected by this development. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic have contributed to many local store owners having to reorient themselves in order to stabilize sales again. Do you intend to start your own business with an online store? We have compiled some information on this topic in this article. Which software can you use to create an online store? For an online store, you need a website or a ready-made store system. Whether you want to build your own store with WordPress and the plug-in WooCommerce or use a ready-made store system like Shopify, depends…

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