Why should I sell my blog, online shop or website?

Why does it make sense as a website operator to sell your own website when you put so much work and time into it? In this article, we would like to explain to you what opportunities and possibilities there are.

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Building and selling a website is worth it!

The start phase of a web project requires a certain routine and experience. Potential buyers of a website are often not able to do this work on their own, or they simply do not see it as their area of competence. Rather, investors in existing projects would have to invest some financial capital right from the start in order to successfully build them up beyond the start-up and founding phase. For someone who has built the website on their own, the sale can be lucrative – especially if your project is already generating income.

Time for new web projects by selling old websites

It is true that the amount of work and time required is very high at the beginning – but in the long term, too, time has to be spent on the Online shop , the information-based website or the Blog With Content to fill and monetize it sustainably. Content has to be maintained, adapted and expanded, and affiliate deals researched and inserted. Also marketing the website about Social media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as the permanent ones Search engine optimization require time and / or money.

Your competence lies in the development of web projects

You may see your expertise primarily in setting up a web project and not so much in the long-term maintenance of the website. This work is then taken over by the potential buyer, who perhaps sees this as his specialty.

The more potential there is in your project, the higher prices you can achieve when selling.

If you want to sell a website that is already beyond the start-up phase and is making a profit, this is usually a decisive argument for a buyer to put your project on the shortlist. And here, too, the following applies: The higher your traffic, the better your content and the greater the sales, the more you can ask for when selling your website.

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