Do you have a well-running website with some traffic and are you currently wondering how you can generate income with this and reap the credit for your hard work? You have already tried a few things but somehow it doesn’t work or your affiliate links hardly generate any income? Then the payout limit is very high and you will notice that you may be happy if you can still take 10 euros with you this year. Then you have the following option: Sell your website. You can find out how and where you can do this here.

Selling a website as an alternative

You have tried all the options but nothing works to your satisfaction or you simply do not have the time or inclination to maintain your website. Then you can try to sell them on one of the many platforms and earn a good bonus for your account. However, be careful and choose a good website exchange. We told you in the article “ Website exchange “presented some characteristics of a good marketplace. Most of the time you have to pay a fee for your ad. We at Projektify don’t think that’s OK and are therefore free of charge. You also don’t pay any commission or other fees to us.


The price of your website largely determines the chance of your sale. While a low price often attracts more buyers, a high price is usually a deterrent. We have one for this case Price calculator designed for web projects. With this you can get an initial orientation. Otherwise, the criteria for the price are often subjective and vary from person to person. Often it is simply how well you can make it clear to the buyer that your website has potential and that it is worthwhile to buy.

Sell website as an investment

Selling websites is a difficult process and definitely not a sure-fire success. However, it is a notable alternative to gild your website. On Projektify you can post your website for free and negotiate with buyers. Try it!



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