1. Apart from the “Gia nt exits “For some startups, you can also buy smaller websites. The advantage is obvious: You get a project with existing visitor numbers and – ideally – monthly income. Such mini exits can be found on a website exchange. But what exactly should you pay attention to?

The price of a website exchange

Many such platforms charge high fees or commission when selling. So you should take a close look at what such an exchange costs. Information on the price is displayed transparently on a good website exchange and is usually visible as a link on the home page. If this is not the case, then there is reason to be skeptical.

Design and website

Take a close look at the website. Is it prepared appropriately? A modern web design brings out your website better and often says something about the potential of the platform. A modern design is also an indicator that the page is regularly updated and that the operators are behind the project.

SEO and traffic

Look exactly how the website exchange ranks in Google. Because only if it has enough traffic of its own will enough people see your web project. A look at Twitter and Facebook often helps. Many followers often mean a high reach. Therefore, take a close look at how the website exchange acts on Facebook or Twitter and whether these users actively respond or publish projects there.

data protection

When you sell, you share personal information. The messages that are sent via the internal system are also often confidential. Take a close look to see whether the website exchange is aware of this and is taking measures to protect your data. External certifications are also often a good sign for a professional platform.

Professionalism and content

Look carefully to see if the owner of the platform offers quality content and help. This shows that he knows his trade and can provide you with advice and assistance. A clear contact address is also very important. An operator should always be available to his users and also offer an FAQ.

Projejtify is a website exchange

We at Projektify , take these points very seriously. With a descriptive web design and a extensive blog we try to give you a hand. data protection is at the top of our list and was even worth 2 certifications for us. Thanks to many sponsors, our platform is also free . These are just a few of our USP’s. So don’t wait long and place your ad or check out current web projects at.



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