For many, SEO is both a blessing and a curse. Because on the one hand the use of SEO has incredible potential to bring you very high in rankings and thereby push your traffic properly, on the other hand the use is also extremely complicated, so that there are hardly any real professionals in this field. In addition, persistent myths and rumors lurk around the topic of SEO. As an inexperienced website operator, it is not so easy to keep track of right and wrong. For this reason, we have put the most common myths under the microscope in this post.

Myth 1: The main thing is a lot of text

Our first rumor is probably also one of the most persistent. Because it is communicated again and again that a lot of text also has a lot of added value. After all, you want to include your keywords as often as possible and so that it is still reasonably pleasant for the reader to skim through, long texts are ideal. However, caution is advised here, because Google does not only search for many keywords, but for the texts that offer the user the most added value. Instead of always writing long blog entries, the motto “quality over quantity” applies. Because even in shorter texts that are peppered with a lot of interesting information, a lot of keywords can be accommodated. At the same time, the user has fun reading, recommends your site or comes back to you for another article.

Myth 2: Better ranking through meta keywords

For a long time it was advised to use as many meta keywords as possible in addition to the actual keywords in order to improve the SEO of your own site. Even Google itself says complete nonsense, because according to its own statements, the meta keywords are not taken into account for the ranking. However, this only applies to Google at first, because other search engines use it. Therefore, ideally, it is recommended to use up to 3 meta keywords, but if possible not more than ten.

Myth 3: Big investments in Google Ads are always worth it

This myth clearly seems to make sense. Anyone who invests in Google Als will be rewarded with a high ranking by the search engine. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Because Google holds all the reins here and awards the high places. And of course, as is so often the case in the world of business, they go to those with the highest investment volume. As a small entrepreneur, it is therefore difficult to assert yourself against large corporations, which is why investments in this area should always be carefully considered and sometimes may only be worthwhile for real niche sites.

Myth 4: Google changes its algorithm every day

Last but not least, we want to take up another myth that has been stuck in the minds of website operators for a long time when it comes to SEO, namely that Google changes its algorithm daily and is therefore unpredictable. But a distinction should be made here. Because even if Google is of course working on its own optimization every day, not every update has an impact. Often it is only small things that change at short intervals. The really big updates, on the other hand, only take place every few months. Nevertheless, as a website operator, it is of course not easy to assess what the changes will look like. That is precisely why it is advisable to always focus on the basics. In addition to optimizing your own texts and content as well as the user experience, this can also include sophisticated marketing. At the same time, it also often makes sense to optimize your content for other search engines and thus reduce the dependence on Google to at least a little.

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