A study by the Bonn Institute for SME Research (IFM) has shown that a good quarter of the self-employed in SMEs are older than 55 years. Every year around 71,000 companies look for a successor for the company, but the rate of those who find one is shockingly low. Are you one of them or are you currently looking for a company that you can take over? Many speak Reasons to buy or Selling an established company ! However, finding a company succession is not an easy task!

Company succession is also the creation of an exit

Corporate succession is becoming fashionable. The Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn estimates for the period from 2014 to 2018 that corporate succession will be relevant for around 135,000 family businesses (around 4% of all family businesses). This results in a number of 27,000 company successions per year. In the period between 2010 and 2014, there were a total of 110,000 successors and 22,000 family businesses each year that focused on corporate succession. Finding a company succession does not seem to be easy.

The advantage is: As a successor, you generate sales from day one. Whether you are implementing your own business idea or aiming to take over a company: You are a start-up! However, the aim here is not to build new things directly, but to continue something that already exists and build on the success of new ones.

So you can fall back on existing structures and expand them further. The long dry spells that are common for start-ups, especially in the early days, are almost completely eliminated. The employees are also a well-coordinated team that can work hand in hand. The customers are already there and just need to continue to be served in the best possible way. This has the great advantage that fundamental measures, such as customer acquisition, which are required at the beginning of a start-up, are not necessary. Also with the Bankruptcy can create opportunities devoted to you. Your task is to secure the competitiveness of the company, to continue to satisfy existing customers, to win new customers and to secure jobs in the company. Take a look at our advertisements!

Find corporate succession with Projektify

Experience has shown that every third successor is due earlier than planned. In order for company transfers to be successful, it is therefore important to tackle these early and systematically. A business plan must also be written for corporate succession. Ask yourself why the successor should buy your company, because past success is no guarantee for tomorrow’s success. So the credo should be: It doesn’t always have to be a start-up. Why not take over and continue an existing and functioning company?

Experience shows that the chances of finding a suitable successor increase immensely if the future entrepreneur acts as an advisor to the successor from the first step and accompanies him for a while. Therefore, place your ad quite extensively so that many potential buyers contact you. Projektify offers a free platform for buying and selling established companies. Do not wait long and place your ad!


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