A good domain name is often found quickly and just as often is already taken. Especially with popular endings like .com, .de or .net, it is no longer so easy to find an available domain that also fits your own web project.

But there are a few tricks and strategies that can help you register a new domain relatively quickly and easily.
But how important is a good domain name in the end and what should you do when it seems that all suitable domains have already been assigned? With this article we provide answers to exactly these questions!

Why is a good domain name so important?

Clearly, the business idea itself has the greatest impact on the success of the web project. Nevertheless, many underestimate that the domain name can also make a significant contribution to the success of the company. Especially with regard to the traffic a good domain name is a crucial factor. Complicated domain names that tend to be typed incorrectly or are difficult to remember can drastically reduce the number of visitors to a website. Under certain circumstances, this can even be the main reason for the failure of the business idea, even though the market and demand exist.

That is why it is particularly important to pay enough attention to the domain name instead of just letting this decision run alongside the establishment.

But what do I have to look out for in a good domain name?

Above all, the optimal domain name is one thing: short and sweet. It is usually relatively easy to remember and typing it on Google is no problem either. To come up with a name like this, entrepreneurs should always ask themselves a few questions, like

  • can I infer the activities of my company from my domain name?
  • how well does my domain name stay in the head?
  • how easy is it to type in the domain name?
  • Does the domain name contain unnecessary foreign words, a mix of several languages, complicated word games or number combinations that are difficult to internalize?
  • what would my domain name sound like if I used it on the phone?
  • does the domain name match the image my web project should represent?
  • can I identify myself and my web project with the domain name?

Every entrepreneur should ask himself these questions before creating his website in order to remove unnecessary obstacles to the success of his web project at an early stage. After all, the traffic on your own site should be boosted and visitors should not be redirected indirectly to the competitor’s site.

This is how you find the optimal domain name

When finding the optimal domain name, it is often worthwhile to seek inspiration from successful competitors. On the one hand, you can find out which names are already taken and, on the other hand, you can get an idea of which titles work particularly well and why.

Then you should decide on a focus word. A type of keyword that should definitely be represented in your domain name. Then you can brainstorm and experiment a bit with the focus word. Try to keep the length of the title short and find name combinations that are creative but memorable.

If you can’t think of anything suitable, you can just go the obvious way. This is how sites such as hallobabysitter.de, billiger.de and Vorteiliger.de have done. You may not be particularly creative, but the user already knows what it is about from the domain name.

On the other hand, you can also buy an existing domain name via so-called second-hand platforms. This sometimes even has the advantage that many users already know the title and your traffic may start off better at the beginning.

In addition, the ending of your domain name also plays a decisive role. On the one hand, you have various options to find a free domain for your desired name and, on the other hand, known endings are often more successful because users are already used to them. So you should think carefully about whether you want to use .de, .com .net or .org etc., for example.

This decision should best be based on your activity framework. If you only want to operate Europe-wide, the extension .eu is a good choice. For national business you can choose .de accordingly and on a global basis .com is of course mostly used. But .info, .net or .biz are also possible here.


You also see the domain name has a significant impact on the success of your web project. After all, it is decisive for how quickly and easily users can find you on the Internet. This is exactly why you should try to find a name that is as short, concise and creative as possible, even if it is difficult with the amount of existing web projects. It is often worth doing a brainstorming session and asking family and friends for advice. As an outsider, they are often better able to assess how well a domain name stays in the head or how complicated it really is.

At the same time, you should of course also keep the legal aspect in mind. Because by law it is forbidden z. B. Use registered brand names, even if that sounds tempting in terms of potential traffic. Company names, well-known book titles, city names and the first and last names of people, including those of your colleagues and friends, are taboo for the domain name.

To avoid such a mistake, you should always check in advance with Google whether your prospective domain touches one of these sticking points. You can also check the trade and trademark register to see whether a competitor or another company already has the same or a name that is too similar.

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