The web project is up and everything is ready for your site to start properly. But one problem in particular often arises very quickly: generating traffic. Because no matter how good your website may be, if you fail to draw visitors’ attention to it, sooner or later you will not be successful.

What many don’t know: There are different ways to attract users to your site instead of just using Google search. So generating traffic is actually not as difficult as many people assume again and again. In this article we will show you our top 6 traffic sources and how you can use them optimally.

Generate traffic: 6 sources for more visitors

Generating traffic is essential for your website, as it doesn’t really exist without it, like a department store without customers. No customers means not only no sales, no recommendations, no affiliates, but also no sales and no profits. So a lot depends on your site being busy.

A basic distinction is made between the following traffic sources:

Search engine traffic

Search engine traffic is the type of traffic that comes to most people immediately. Via Google or another search engine, users can get your website displayed via the search ad. So that you can play at the top of the ads, it is especially important for niche sites that you optimize your site for SEO. With the right keywords and lots of posts, Google will rank you much higher up. The chance that visitors will find you increases significantly.

Direct traffic

Direct traffic works best with a unique domain name that describes your product or service. Generating this kind of traffic describes the direct input of your website into the browser search field.

Direct traffic is one of the most promising forms of traffic, as visitors who explicitly search for your site are often more likely to return than those from other traffic sources.

However, if you don’t know how to find a good domain name, then read our other article on the same topic.

Advertising traffic

That goes hand in hand with direct traffic via advertising. However, it is rather uninteresting for many because you have to pay for it. But for many it can also be worthwhile to place ads on Facebook, Google or YouTube in order to draw visitors’ attention to your own page. This can often be a good method, especially at the beginning or when the competition in an industry is very high.

Affiliate Traffic

Affiliate traffic also describes a form of advertising measure to generate traffic. You are looking for partners who set links to your site on their own homepage. These partners should of course be best from your industry, have a good reach themselves and identify with your offer. This not only allows you to attract more visitors to your site, but also improves your ranking on Google at the same time.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing here Experienced.

Social media traffic

For many, generating traffic also works quite well via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Depending on the type of your industry, products or services, you can explicitly advertise your site in your target group. For example, you can create your own profile for your web project and keep your community up to date with regular posts and encourage them to visit your site. If you have a blog, you can also use portals such as LinkedIn or Facebook to notify you about new blog entries or to get in direct contact with your community.

Email traffic

Last but not least, there is also the form of e-mail traffic to attract visitors to your site. These are mostly emails like a kind of newsletter that regularly remind your users that your site still exists. In addition, you can always ensure more traffic on your site with promotions in the form of discounts or competitions.

The problem is often that you first have to get to the email addresses of your users. To do this, they have to subscribe to your email distribution list, for which they must have already been on your side and of course been convinced.

That is why email traffic is not necessarily a good starting point for a web project, but it is a very promising measure for further success.


It is difficult to say which source is best for whom to generate traffic, as it depends on many factors. On the one hand, of course, from your target group, then from the product or service you offer, and finally, of course, from yourself. Depending on which measure you can better identify with, you will appear more convincing accordingly.

It is usually best to use multiple sources to generate traffic. This not only increases the chance of attracting more visitors, but you are also always on the safe side if one of the options causes problems or even disappears.

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