Smaller companies also like to take up the topic of “social media in medium-sized companies” and often implement it enthusiastically at the beginning, but many organizations quickly run out of steam afterwards. In this article, we want to explain how exactly this can be avoided using the following tips.

5 tips for successful social media in medium-sized businesses

Social media is now much more than just posting any content on any platform. Instead, the right strategy for successful implementation must be found, especially in medium-sized companies.

Tip 1: Create the right basis

First of all, it is also important in social media marketing to develop the right foundation, i.e. a sophisticated strategy, instead of just going wild. Along with the planned campaign, measurable and comprehensible goals must be set, which you can use to orientate yourself with your content again and again. For example, it is good if you can use your campaign to see where the visitors came from and to what extent your marketing measures were involved.

At the same time, you should also link your social media profile with other hobby horses, such as your company website or your account on a career website, in order to ensure a common thread and easy retrieval of your brand for your customers.

Tip 2: Make enough resources available

In addition, a successful social media strategy is not a one-hit wonder, but requires regular input and targeted maintenance, which in turn requires a certain amount of resources. You should regularly fill your fan page, groups and of course your main page with new, current and creative content in order to maintain constant contact with your target group. Depending on the size of your company, it can therefore be worthwhile to hire a person specifically for this task or to clearly assign the area of social media as a role.

Tip 3: choose the right platform

However, it does not matter how well your campaign is planned and how active you are on your social media profile – if you have selected the wrong platform for your marketing measures, you will still not be successful with social media in medium-sized companies. Because not only time but also the right place play a decisive role. So you should especially stay online where your target group is mainly represented. And that’s exactly why you first have to analyze them sufficiently and possibly also test a little at the beginning to see where the reactions to your contributions are strongest.

Tip 4: Address the customer in a targeted manner

Nevertheless, it is not enough just to find the right place, i.e. the right portal for successful social media in medium-sized companies. In addition, you should also develop a strategy in which you promote interaction with the customer and address them specifically in order to achieve the greatest possible success. This not only affects the type of content you post, but also how you address the customer in the posting, which links you can create to your product, how much transparency is required and of course at what times you post and how heavily advertising You can be there.

Tip 5: react constantly to content

At the end of the day, it is said here again, as with tip 2: stay on the ball. After all, social media lives from interaction. So react quickly and skillfully to your community by regularly answering questions, promoting competitions, surveys, mini-quizzes or other types of communication and interaction with the customer. This not only makes you look extremely professional, but also keeps the customer in mind with your brand in the long term.

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