Affiliate marketing is an important part of online marketing and is considered to be one of the initiators for new marketing approaches. Back then, it was one of the first marketing disciplines on the Internet and is still considered an incubator for new marketing approaches and channels. In this article we explain how you can buy or sell ready-made affiliate shops.

What is affiliate

Affiliate partner programs are online portals in which an online retailer (merchant) opens a new sales channel within a marketing cooperation via the websites of many partners (affiliates) and these partners share in their sales through success commissions, says the Gabler Lexicon.

Roughly, in the context of web projects, it means that you market the products of another person or company and receive a commission for it. In short, it is a sales collaboration between a dealer and a seller.

Benefits of Affiliate

Affiliate has many advantages. So you don’t have high costs in advance. So you don’t have to purchase, order, or manufacture and store products first. You also often have an already optimized product that you “only” have to sell. Due to the fact that you have the possibility to only advertise those products that you really want or that fit the topic of your website, the desired target group, i.e. your customers, can be addressed very specifically. In addition, technical integration has now become more than simple. Another advantage is the large selection of affiliate programs that are now available. Thousands of providers from various fields and industries are available to interested affiliates.

Affiliate programs for ready-made affiliate shops

There are numerous small affiliate programs. Many websites offer their own program. However, these are hard to find, which is why the Affilinet platform, for example, records more than 3,500 partner programs and over 700,000 publishers on a centralized platform. There are also portals such as 100 partner programs on which one can find large lists of programs.

The best known and probably the most widespread program is that of Amazon. Amazon advertises that it is free and easy to use. Up to 10% of the budget is paid out. So you can add any product from Amazon to the shop. So you can easily find the right products for your site.

Ready affiliate shops at Projektify

Projektify is a non-profit association and offers a marketplace for free buying and selling of ready-made affiliate shops. If you are looking for some, you can go straight to look at our ads or simply place your ad for free . Read more too Tips on how to sell a webshop can or Experience reports on buying web projects as well as others Articles on affiliate sites .

At the same time, we also offer you services Purchase advice as well as for Sales advice at. Here you can exchange ideas directly with an expert.


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