Since we want to continuously improve our offer on Projektify and align it with your interests as a buyer and seller of web projects, we have started a small survey. We asked over 50 active Projektify users what is important to them when buying web projects and how they usually proceed with the processing.

The results of the survey on the purchase of web projects

In our little interviews with Web project buyers we wanted to know what possible reasons for breaking off the purchase negotiations. We were also interested in the answers to the question about the preferred types of web projects. In the following we want to present the results to you.

Lots of seasoned buyers

First off, we found that most of our users are very experienced buyers. This means that most web project buyers on Projektify already have several Online stores , Affiliate websites or Info portals bought and have continued to operate them ever since. Quite a few of the respondents also stated that they used it to earn their living. Only a few of the respondents stated that they had not yet bought a web project or had only bought an existing web project.

Trust and realistic price negotiations

We were interested in what is most important to potential buyers of web projects. The answer was almost identical for all participants: trust and seriousness. If the seller of the respective web project is difficult to reach, the communication is bumpy or even a phone call is rejected, so many of the respondents, the purchase negotiations are immediately broken off. After all, it is not uncommon for a lot of money that buyers are willing to put on the table for a web project. Often, according to the experience of several buyers, supposedly cheap web projects hide cost traps. If a seller is stingy with information, it will most likely and rightly arouse a great deal of suspicion in the buyer, making further negotiations impossible. For this we offer one Price calculator who can help you.

Personal contact and the seriousness of the seller are decisive for a successful purchase

If there is a basis between buyer and seller, most of the respondents first exchange detailed and personal information about the background and data already conveyed in the advertisement. This happens either over the phone or in private at a personal meeting. Especially when it comes to larger transactions, many of the respondents simply want to look in the eye.

Trustee services and co. Should provide security

When asked about the desired support with the Purchase processing of web projects the survey participants unanimously expressed their desire for one Escrow service . An uncomplicated and secure processing of the money transfer as well as the domains and website data to be transmitted is particularly important to the buyers. Depending on the web project, a lot comes together.

Affiliate websites are very popular

Finally, we were interested in what types of websites are popular with our users. Here, too, there was a predominant interest in buying: Affiliate sites such as recommendation portals, successful niche blogs and information portals that can be easily monetized are particularly popular with buyers of web projects. Such websites can usually generate good sales and can be operated with an acceptable amount of work – at least if the seller has already done good preparatory work. The more constant the sales with a website, the easier it is for buyers to estimate costs and income for themselves. Incidentally, a point that is almost the most important to the users surveyed. Check out our Blogs and Online shops at.

Tip: If you need help, you can check out our range of services in the View purchase support!

Projektify implements the wishes of buyers and sellers

Projektify is the sum of satisfied buyers and sellers of web projects. So that this satisfaction increases steadily and Projektify as Platform for buying and selling web projects continues to grow, we take the experiences and wishes of you, the users, to heart. In the future, we will support you even more strongly with offers such as an escrow service in the processing of purchases and sales.

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when purchasing a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project purchase advice “.



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