Make Money From Website: The Best Ways To Monetize

Do you have your own website and now want to get the hosting and server costs back in? Maybe you founded the web project on purpose with the background in mind make money online ? No problem: In this post we list the most effective ways to monetize your website sustainably.

Option 1: display advertising

Classic display advertising is a good way to earn money with your website. Here you place advertising banners in specific places on the website to get people to click on them. With a cost-per-click (CPC) billing model, you get money for every single click. How high the compensation per click is depends on the respective program. The quality and reach of your website can also be decisive in terms of CPC compensation. Popular CPC providers are, for example, Google AdSense, eBay relevance ads , Adiro and

Reading tip: You can find out more about the alternatives to context-based advertising from Google in our article: The best AdSense alternatives for your website

Affiliate banner advertising

In addition to user-related display / banner advertising, Affiliate programs be advertised by banner. However, this is not the case single click remunerated on the advertising banner. Rather, you get a commission when the visitor to your website buys a product on the website linked via the banner. This billing model is called Pay-per-Sale (PPS).

Option 2: Affiliate Marketing

As already described above, affiliate marketing tries to lure users to the provider’s homepage by means of advertising links. As soon as a specific action, such as a purchase, is carried out there, the cash register rings for you as a “sales partner”. Tip: The advertised pages and / or products should fit your website thematically well. Even entire online shops are now partially based on an affiliate basis. The advantage: Instead of having your own warehouse and the often time-consuming work of shipping products, the only task here is to advertise the products. Everything else is regulated by the respective provider / seller to whom you link in your shop or on your website.

Option 3: Sell your own products

If you now say: “Affiliate marketing is all well and good, but the profit margin is not enough for me”, then one way of making money with your website could be to offer your own products. For example, if you run a food blog, you could sell your own spices – but if you are the proud owner of an information portal on health topics, you could add a shop with food supplements.

Alternative: sell your website

If you don’t have the time, inclination or leisure to monetize your website in order to earn money, you can of course just sell your web project. So you let someone else do the work with the implementation of the possibilities and still get a small (or large) amount with which you can devote yourself to other things. Note: If you have taken the step and turned your website into a real money machine, website buyers are sometimes willing to invest large sums of money.


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