With AdSense, Google is the largest, but by no means the only provider of context-based banner advertising. Since the Revenue that you can generate with AdSense particularly are dependent on the click rate and the CPC , it is worth checking whether the AdSense alternatives achieve better results than the native ads from Google.

The most popular AdSense alternatives at a glance

Alternative 1: slot

In addition to context-based banner advertising, the provider Schaltplatz also offers in-text advertising. There are also special forms of advertising that are optimized for mobile devices. With Schaltplatz, payments are made from an account balance of 30 euros. In comparison: The first Google AdSense payout is only made when the balance is 75 euros.

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Alternative 2: affilimatch

Affilimatch is a form of advertising that was launched by Affilate Netzerk affili.net. As with Google AdSense, the banner advertising is automatically optimized based on the website Contents . Instead of individual CPCs, affilimatch offers a flat rate of 6 cents each Click .

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Alternative 3: Adiro

The German CPC provider Adiro is another AdSense alternative. In addition to banners, Adiro focuses on in-text advertising. The clicks are remunerated with at least 10 cents. Payments start at 20 euros.

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Alternative 4: BidVertiser

BidVertiser is a US provider that has also been offering advertising for German-speaking countries for some time. The scope for Germany is still fairly manageable, but the network is growing steadily. Even small amounts are paid out via PayPal. It’s worth taking a look and registering!

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Alternative 5: eBay Relevance Ads

The conditions for admission to the eBay affiliate program are strict, but the conditions are quite lucrative. Banners that adapt based on website content come in different sizes.

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Alternative 6: Amazon Self-Optimizing Links

With the Amazon affiliate program you get up to 10% of the sales generated through your website. In addition to the well-known affiliate links from Amazon, the industry giant now offers an interesting AdSense alternative with its self-optimizing links.

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Affiliate Marketing as an Alternative to CPC Providers

In addition to the CPC model (cost-per-click or remuneration per click), you could use affiliate banners and links to monetize your website. Instead of earning money per click, as a publisher you receive a pre-determined commission if someone buys a product from the advertiser (adverstiser) or uses a service. Depending on how high the nominal commission is, such a PPS (pay-per-sale) model can be more lucrative for you.

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