Different ways to make money on the internet

Earning money online, being your own boss, and the whole thing, preferably legally, from your home PC or from the beach: many consider this to be crazy, but making money online, and thus free from anywhere in the world, is definitely possible possible. In this post we explain the different possibilities for both passive as well as active income on the internet there.

Earn money online with your own website

A great way to make money online is to have your own website. This can be a blog, for example Online shop or be a niche site. By visiting the website using Affiliate links, Performance advertising (e.g. Google AdSense, or InText advertising (e.g. from Adiro ) monetize, you can generate income from your website. The amount of this income depends on how often your website is visited and how often the visitors to advertisements click or buy linked products via advertising links. Tip: If you have no idea for a website at the moment, take a look at our offers. There you will find ready-made websites with income for every budget, with which you can get started right away.

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Online income through micro jobs

Micro jobs are small jobs that often do not require any prior knowledge and can be completed within seconds or minutes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The catch: Due to the low cost of the Participation in surveys or that Rate websites, the remuneration for micro jobs is mostly in the cent range. This means that you have to do loads of micro jobs throughout the day to make enough money.

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Generate sales through your own e-book

Do you have something to say and want to share it with the whole world? Then write your own eBook and earn real money with it. In the digital age, your own publishing of a book is easier than ever: All you need is good content, an attractive cover and a platform through which you can market the eBook. You can do this, for example, via your own website / blog and / or via Social media Make channels like Facebook and Co.

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Make money with YouTube

Are you funny, do you want to inform about things that move you or do you have any other talent? Then become a YouTuber. By creating interesting Videos, I make good money online. How it works? Quite simply: by placing advertising in front of the videos (with longer videos you will also find various advertising blocks within the video), your cash register will ring every time you view it. Although the amounts are relatively small, if your videos are viewed frequently, the earnings are quite decent. Another possibility in connection with YouTube: Spike the video description with various partner or affiliate links.

Sell photos online

Are you creative and love to take photos? Then turn your hobby into hard cash. You can also earn money online by selling high-quality photos via marketplaces such as iStock, fotolia or GettyImages. The fees differ depending on the license purchased.

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Earn money by writing and / or correcting texts

Are you able to express yourself well, have proper spelling and grammar and are able to explain facts in an interesting and concise way? Then find out about copywriting jobs on the internet. As more and more websites are being created and their content has to be created and maintained, the market for scribblers on the Internet is booming. You can get orders particularly quickly and easily via platforms such as content.de. On the other hand, direct contact with website operators is better paid and more long-term. The work of the online copywriter includes, for example Creating blog articles , search engine optimized content, product descriptions and Co. Note: The more know-how and professionalism you have as a copywriter, the easier it is for you to get jobs and the better they will be paid. As in the journalistic field, a lot of research is required for the creation of texts.

Bitcoin mining

Digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are on everyone’s lips. Not a brand new trend anymore: Bitcoin mining. By providing computing power, you can earn money in digital form with Bitcoin mining. With the bitcoins you can either pay directly or have them exchanged for euros at various providers. There there Bitcoin mining If a lot of electricity and special computer hardware is required, Bitcoin mining is usually only worthwhile through so-called mining pools. Here you can buy computing power for an amount of your choice and mine the digital currency together with others. The mined amount will be paid out to you regularly on a “wallet”. Tip: In addition to Bitcoins, you can now “mine” other crypto currencies.

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Sell products on eBay

Do you still have all sorts of old DVDs, CDs, books, toys or clothes that are too small at home? Maybe you don’t need the new tablet after all and want to get rid of it? Then swing the broom again and figuratively muck out. As simple as it sounds: You can get rid of everything you no longer need via tried and tested channels such as eBay and earn money online with it.

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