The Internet has developed into a global marketplace and offers not only countless but also unlimited job prospects. Perhaps you are already thinking that “Working independently on the Internet” would be just right for you. And because you are not alone with this thought, we show here what is important and what options you have.

Working independently on the Internet – just a dream?

Certainly not! Because reality shows that thanks to the constantly developing technology and the networking of the world with each other, new job opportunities arise every day. At the same time, more and more people are shifting their professional focus to the Internet and are hardly tied to fixed locations, working hours or one and the same task in terms of their work. Instead, there is a growing number of workers who simply have a strong Internet connection and work wherever they like, regardless of where they are. Whether on the sofa at home, the café around the corner or on the white sandy beach of the Caribbean.

What sounds like a utopia becomes countless digital nomads already fully lived. There are many different ones Opportunities to become a digital nomad . But even if this is still a distant dream for you and you are first of all one Build independence on the Internet want, this is no longer so difficult.

Opportunities for independence in the network

Especially as a beginner, it is often necessary to try out a few things at the beginning and understand the online business. You certainly cannot work independently on the Internet overnight and it takes some time until you have built a successful business. Sometimes you have to test a few of these options first until you find the right path for you.

online shop

The best-known way to be able to work independently on the Internet is certainly to open an online shop. With the good products and the right marketing, you can generate such a good income here that you can turn your shop into your full-time job.


Dropshipping is pretty similar to having your own online shop. However, here you hand over part of the dispatch of goods to a partner. This also stores your goods and sends them to your customer when an order is placed. This saves you costs for a warehouse but also makes you a little dependent on your dealer and their availability of goods. Of course, you also have to pay him for his work.

Write an e-book

Especially if you are thinking about opening your own blog with regular articles, then perhaps writing an e-book is just right for you. By selling you can generate income to be able to work independently on the Internet. In addition, you are by no means limited here and can build up real e-book series. It is only important that you tailor the text to your target group and hit the nerve of your readers.

Develop app

If you are particularly technology savvy, then you can also think about developing your own app. Gaming apps in particular are constantly enjoying great popularity and you can also earn money at the same time through advertising within your app or by downloading them for a fee.

Of course there are many other countless possibilities. However, this overview is intended to give you an impression of popular options that have already led to success. Of course, what you ultimately choose is up to you.


Working independently on the Internet is no longer as difficult as it was a few years ago. All you need first is a good internet connection and a website. Afterwards, a lot is mainly in your own hands. Self-employment on the Internet also requires time, hard work and unlimited motivation. At the same time, however, you will also suffer setbacks here, as so often in the offline world. It is important that you stay tuned and have a feel for trends and Niches develop and then take the initiative right there.

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