What mistakes you should avoid when making money online

It seems so simple: make money online. But mistakes are often not uncommon here. Interesting content, free time management, mobile work from anywhere, being your own boss – blogger or website operator is THE dream job for many. Motivation and fun are often loyal companions at the beginning, but they quickly vanish into thin air if financial success does not materialize. Many then ask themselves: What mistakes do I make when making money on the Internet and how can you overcome such a financial slump or not let it happen in the first place? The following “Tips for common mistakes when making money online” should give you some inspiration


Earning money online doesn’t just happen by thinking about it. Anyone who does not take the initiative but constantly weighs up whether it is worth it at all will also get nothing here in terms of money and experience. Hesitation in this case only means wasted time that could have been invested in your project and lost time also means lost money.

Better: Just start right now. There is no such thing as the perfect moment and the ideal starting position. You have nothing to lose. Because even if you fail to generate income, you are at least one experience richer and can do better next time.


Nevertheless, you should not approach your project haphazardly. A messy site without a system or poor preparation looks unprofessional and unappealing. So don’t rush into making money online, because a good web project builds up step by step. Here, too, remember: good things take time. You will not become successful and make money overnight. But every little step counts.

Better: You should come up with a precise strategy, what your goals are and how you want to achieve them. That means worrying about content, competition, marketing measures, and so on. Go quickly but not aimlessly and let your web project grow slowly.


The internet is also not an unlawful area. Violations of the law are now much more prosecuted and punished, and here too, ignorance does not protect against punishment.

Better: If you are not sure whether your ideas and their implementation or your approach to setting up a web project and your way to earn money on the Internet are free from punishment, then get advice, for example from experienced lawyers who have specialized in this area of law. Warnings and horrific sums of money only mean loss of money instead of profit.


If money is the only thing that drives you when you work online, it often doesn’t get you very far. Your customers or readers notice when there is no passion behind texts, website structure or design and that leaves you in a bad light compared to your competition.

Better: Find a job on the Internet that you enjoy and that you would like to do, then you will work much more creatively and efficiently. Success and the associated income then often come by themselves.


Those who proceed without knowing their target group often fail to reach them either. Your readers or customers need to see added value in your web project so that they stay loyal to you and so that the income flows.

Better: Try to gather as much information as possible about your target audience and then tailor your web project accordingly. Stay tuned and react early to changes by observing your target group and comparing their expectations with your content over and over again. Because that’s how money can be made online.

6. You don’t stand out from others

The most common problems with making money on the net mentioned so far do not apply to you, but it still does not work out properly with the financial aspect? Another common reason for lack of revenue is misalignment. If you offer a product, a service or a topic on your blog or website for which there are already many other platforms, then it is extremely important that you make yourself and your site interesting for your audience.

Better: Find your personal unique selling point and build on it. Show yourself authentically on your side so that your audience can identify with you and your products or your work. This builds trust and loyalty and promotes the loyalty of your followers and customers to you.


You see: With the right approach, it can work out to earn money online. Or you don’t even run the risk of making the errors described and let Projektify eV help you!

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