We gear our Projektify offer for buyers and sellers of web projects in particular to you, the active users of our platform. We have started a small survey so that we can better assess which services can be helpful for you when processing purchases and sales. In it, we asked over 50 active Projektify users what they thought when buying web projects (read in the last article: Experience reports in buying web projects ) and when selling their websites and Startups is particularly important.

The results of the survey of testimonials in the sale of web projects

In our survey on the experience of the sellers, we mainly wanted the reasons for the Sale of web projects to find out. We also wanted to know whether and why sales negotiations occasionally fail. We would like to present a summary of the statements below.

Different seller profiles

In the first two questions we asked the sellers on Projektify, we wanted to know how often and for what reasons the respondents Sell web projects . During the evaluation, we noticed immediately that we were dealing with different types of salespeople on Projektify: For example, some salespeople have set up an online shop in times of unemployment that should and should save them the trip to the employment office. But there that E-commerce Business was not planned as a long-term solution, it should be given up after the new employment relationship due to time constraints. On the other hand, the respondents also deal with users who do their core business in building affiliate websites, Niche sites , See blogs and information portals. This type of user usually runs this business part-time or even full-time. This means: In these cases, websites are set up and managed up to a certain level of turnover, from which the operators would have to go beyond their core competencies and interests. At this point in time, the respective projects should then be placed in good hands by people who, instead of being set up, see their ability to (continue) operating the web project. Because both with Online shops as well as with affiliate blogs one can make a living today.

Desire for higher demand

When asked about possible difficulties in selling web projects, we were surprised by the unanimity of those surveyed: Most of them would like more demand. Often the inquiries can be counted on one hand, which makes it difficult to find the right one among the few potential buyers. Because: For the seller, their own web projects have not only a financial, but also an ideal value – in most cases there is a lot of love, time and hard work in the website. Selling a beloved project at a dumping price, possibly to a seller who just wants to resell the project (similar to what is often the case with unconfigured domains) is out of the question for many of the sellers.

Tip: If you need help, you can check out our range of services in the View sales support!

Projektify creates demand

At Projektify, we want to focus even more on the last point in the future. With our Tips on buying and Sale of web projects as well as an extensive platform with various supporting services, we want to create even more demand on the part of buyers and facilitate communication between both parties.



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