The wireframe as the first rough concept is already known to some in the development phase of their web project. In addition, there is the possibility of further refining this initial overview with additional details, in the form of the so-called mockup.

This time, this article explains not only what the mockup is, but also how it works and the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

What is a mockup?

Just like wireframe, a mockup is used to set up a website and is mainly used for presentation purposes. In addition to the rough concept of the wireframe, it helps, as a kind of basic structure of the operating elements, to map the visualization of a website as a rough sketch quickly and easily and to give an initial structure for design and functionality. Here too, as with wireframes, no programming skills, e.g. writing the end of the source, are required. Instead, mockups can either be mapped in the classic way on paper or with the help of special mockup programs for the PC.

The design of a website is initially neglected when creating a mockup. Instead, it is a matter of arranging elements in such a way that a logical and clear user flow results, which can significantly contribute to the success of the later website by planning interaction options and functions of the website. Thanks to a mockup, you can quickly get a feel for whether ideas are useful and even feasible.

Advantages and disadvantages

Using a mockup has various advantages and disadvantages:


  • Programming skills are not required
  • Possibility of creating a basic concept
  • Creation of a model that can be expanded or optimized as required
  • Paper mockups don’t need technology
  • cheap or free


  • not all elements of a website can be displayed, e.g. loading or scrolling times
  • Interactive behavior can only be represented to a limited extent


A mockup helps to plan a more precise conception of a website in advance and to assign the content to the individual areas beyond the wireframe. The advantage here is that neither programming knowledge is required for a mockup, nor is it necessary to have various types of technologies, since mockups can also be easily mapped with pen and paper. In addition, they are even free of charge with the latter variant, but accordingly cannot accurately map all elements, such as the interactive behavior or loading times.

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