You already have some interesting offers from websites or Online stores discovered on Projektify and are now wondering how you can actually recognize a good offer? In this article we would like to give you the most important criteria that determine the value and potential of a web project.

Your personal impression determines the quality and potential of a website

Your very personal, first impression is decisive for the assessment of a project. Does the description of the offer give you the belief that visitors can be sustainably excited about the site and that you can generate sustainable traffic with it? In general, you should think in advance how much money, and above all time, you are willing to invest in the project. So that you can answer this question yourself, you should know what you want to achieve by buying a website. If an offer meets your expectations at first glance, you can go further and consider other important criteria that will help you make a decision.

“Is there a market for the project?”

Is there a market for the website being offered, is this market already flooded and does the website differ from the existing competition? Based on your budget, you have to clarify for yourself how scalable the offer of your desire is. If the website offered already has various unique selling points, you should always keep an eye on the offer.

“Do I want to buy an established website or bring up a very fresh project?”

An established website already has demonstrably good traffic and high interaction with the respective offer. An established online shop, for example, can already show certain sales figures and has some offers in its range. A website aimed at advertising revenue will successfully generate revenue through affiliate links or Google Adsense. This is sufficient Content (e.g. German content), which is available on the page. You should also keep an eye on how regularly the website is fed with new content. If you are able to maintain that level, this could be a good deal for you.

With a very fresh project, with low user numbers, you have to compare the effort and any further financial and time investments with the potential return.

“Is the offer well described and is the price realistic?”

The sellers of websites that provide all the necessary information at a glance usually know what they are doing. Sales figures, SEO metrics and user numbers play the biggest role in defining the price of a website. And what’s more: Only on the basis of this data can you check whether the offer corresponds to your own ideas and your respective objectives. You can use our Read articles on SEO metrics or directly browse our ads! If you are currently selling your web project or are in the process of buying one, we recommend our article on Drafting contracts when buying or selling .



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