A forum has been a widely used medium for many years and is still used by many users as a place to regularly exchange ideas and to look for and give help. However, if you don’t have time to maintain this community, then you should sell your forum. We’ll show you how to do it.

What is to be considered?

The most important thing is to inform the user about the new owner and to introduce them to him. You also have to collect data through your forum. With this data you can formulate an ad and provide the buyer with arguments why your forum is a good choice. When you have made it, you have to think about a price and also pay close attention to legal aspects. The user data and the sales process are often an open point. Here is an article related to Customer data from online shops and to Drafting of contracts you can find an article on our blog. Now we would like to help you how, where and at what price you can sell your forum.

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.

Where, how and at what price to sell a forum

Where to sell

When it comes to this question, most people think of Facebook and Ebay first. You can certainly find forums on Ebay, but often the wrong target group is there and a wide range of goods and who is looking to buy a forum on Ebay? We often notice there that all forums are being sold at ridiculous prices.
Facebook, on the other hand, is quite unstructured and many web projects often go under or the discussion in the comments goes into an endless loop.
We currently do not see a clearly identifiable USP on other marketplaces. Often they are just very simple marketplaces with quite high fees of up to 5% of the price.
Projektify is free and offers you next to the safe sale many more USP’s .

At what price?

This question can be answered very easily, because we have an article on the topic what does a website cost also a price calculator with which you can use the Determine the value of your website can. So you have a first range and can expand this with arguments such as many active users or a lot of content.

How to sell

Selling is easy. All you have to do is post an ad and then wait for buyers to contact you. For this phase we help articles too Price negotiation and Drafting of contracts . Our Escrow service ensures that you get your money anyway and all of this is still free. Take a look at ours Information page . We wish you good luck with selling forum!



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