Unfortunately, the path to your own website does not always lead to success along with the self-creation. If you simply don’t have the technical expertise, you have to rely on external service providers to develop a web project for you. But what does a website actually cost?

The dream of your own online business is not over if you cannot set up a website yourself. There are thousands of offers from web designers and developers in the sea of the net who are only too happy to carry out this task professionally for you. However, their fees differ enormously in some cases. Invoices here are often in price ranges between a few hundred and several thousand euros.

In order to give you an overview of which prices are acceptable and when you should rather decline an offer, we have dealt with the question in more detail in this article: What does a website cost?

Composition of costs

The costs of a web project are made up of various parameters and therefore differ individually for each website. You can see these variables as adjusting screws for your costs. Depending on how intensively you want to see this implemented according to your ideas, the higher the price for your web project will ultimately be.

First and foremost, you should think about the foundation of your website. How big is your company? Do you have many areas for which you need subpages? Are there special features that you absolutely need, such as a chat bot or a special design? The latter should also lead you to the question of whether a cheaper standard solution is sufficient for your web project or whether you want to stand out from your competition with more individuality.

Alignment & development
Next, you should think about the goals and the likely future of your website. How do you best address your target group with your website? How many visitors do you expect on your site every day? Which functions would you absolutely like to offer them?
But further considerations such as whether your web project should also be easily accessible on mobile devices are extremely important.

Technical organization
If you have decided on specific solutions in the above categories, it is now up to you to plan the technical basis of your website. Here, for example, you have to sign up for a content management system or a form of communication such as B. decide a contact form or an attached email account. It is also important for the technical structure of your site whether you plan to do business, like with an online shop. It looks completely different if it is just an informative blog, for example.

Last but not least, the design is of course an important decision point. It is often the first detail on your website that catches the visitors’ eye. So you should think carefully about what you want here. Would you prefer to offer a static or interactive page? Is there a suitable design template or would you prefer to focus on individuality here too? Do you have company colors or logos that should definitely be incorporated?

What exactly does a website cost?

Since exact numbers are based on many variables, we cannot give you a uniform price, as I said, as these also differ from agency to agency. Basically, however, you can calculate with 1,000 to 1,500 for good quality work when creating a simple website.
However, always make sure that these are only the investment costs. Ongoing costs such as regular maintenance or the addition of features are added separately.

In principle, it is also always useful to obtain and compare offers from several service providers. Acquiring specialist knowledge in this area can also be helpful. In this way, you can give more precise information about your ideas and shorten the costly revision time.


As you can see, you cannot determine a uniform fixed price for the job of creating a website. Many small parameters and peculiarities are decisive here and the prices can vary greatly.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and extra expenses, you should definitely think carefully in advance about how you want your website to be. Which features are indispensable for you, which extras are superfluous for your web project, which design do you imagine and which ones Content management system do you actually want to work in the future? The more precise the information you give the commissioned agency, the less time and, above all, money is lost for endless corrections and modifications.

If you have not yet decided exactly what the pilot project of your website should actually be, then you will find many ideas here Make money online as well as one Part-time self-employment . Read our other blog articles on the topic as well Create websites .

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