Are you the owner of a website that you bought here at Projektify, for example, and now want to renew the design of the web project a little? Perhaps you are also starting a completely new project and would like to ensure a clear external image and a coherent corporate identity for your website? In addition to a clear color scheme, there is one thing above all: a cool logo! This is not only for your homepage, but also for the connected ones Social media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co relevant. After all, you want everyone to see the connection to your main website right away.

“So far so good, but how do I get a professional, coherent and, above all, inexpensive logo?” We will be happy to explain it to you and also tell you what you should pay particular attention to when designing a logo for websites.

Buy the finished logo

In the meantime, the Internet offers various platforms on which you can buy existing logos that are simply only personalized. If the budget is very low, this is certainly a good option.If you want to stand out from the competition in the long term and avoid someone else having a similar logo, we advise you not to use this option to get a logo for your website.

Have an inexpensive logo created

Platforms like Fiverr , the market leader in the segment, offer graphic designers the opportunity to offer their services to a wide audience. The prices for logos are negligibly low: You can get high-quality logos for your website for as little as 5 USD with which you are guaranteed to make an impression. But be careful: the designers often fall back on stock material. Means: If the graphic designers use ready-made shapes etc., which may already have been used in other logos, you have the same problem at this point as with completely finished logos. In most cases, however, you can be sure of getting a completely unique logo that no one else has yet. Our tip: Spend a few euros or dollars more, it’s worth it! The prices at Fiverr and Co are still unbeatable.

Order the logo from the agency

The third way to get a great logo for your website is to commission it from a graphics or advertising agency. Although the prices are usually steep, you can expect some rework and a high level of originality. For small web projects and Startups However, the design of expensive advertising agencies often exceeds the budget. And what’s more: some freelance graphic designers who use their services on the Internet on platforms such as Fiverr often does a better job at a cheaper price!


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