Selling web projects is still relatively new, but is becoming more and more important. At the same time, this terrain has hardly been explored until now and there is little knowledge about this business area. As a result, there are always many questions on both the seller and the buyer side, to which there are often not enough satisfactory answers. In this context Projektify eV carried out a study with the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg in which around 30 web project sellers were questioned. The aim of the study was to gain knowledge about this so far little researched area of the sale of web projects. We will now present the evaluation of the results in this article. In the further course of this, we would also like to provide valuable tips and information on this basis.

Affiliate projects from all industries are very popular

The web projects on which this study was based were spread across all industries, including education, services, consumption, and so on. In the subsequent evaluation, we particularly noticed that affiliate projects (60%), followed by online shops (30%), are very popular and have been frequently offered by sellers and often bought by interested parties. This is most likely due to the fact that affiliate projects offer many advantages, such as the comparatively simple structure of a page or the low set-up and follow-up costs. Accordingly, these web projects can usually be sold quickly and easily.

The platform is crucial!

We could also see from the results of our study that the platform also plays a decisive role in the sale of web projects. In particular, the portals Projektify and Mayba were used the most. This was followed by Facebook and a small majority also used the portals Websiteboerse or Sugox as well as Ebay classified ads.

With 60% of all respondents, however, the most web projects were sold on Projektify and Mayba. While with the latter, however, only just under 40% of the users successfully sold their web project, there was a success rate of 70% on Projektify, according to the researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Often few interested parties with long waiting times

As further results of our study, we were able to filter out that most sellers had single-digit prospect numbers from 3 to 10 potential buyers. Only a few were able to look forward to more than 10 inquiries. Nevertheless, even with a few inquiries, each one should be answered with serious intent. Because on the basis of all sales, the study also showed that most sales took an average of 1-3 months. From this we finally conclude that it is particularly important to be patient when selling web projects and to allow enough time.

Prices mostly under 10,000 euros and trading is allowed!

The prices for the sale of web projects were usually between approx. 1000 euros and 7500 euros. Since many web projects offered had profits in the range of 100 euros to 5000 euros per year, we were able to deduce another detail from the results of the study: In particular, web projects with profits, depending directly on the amount of profit, mostly achieved higher sales prices than those with no profits. Sales prices up to 2000 euros remained stable while sellers in other price ranges often granted a discount of 20 – 50%.

We have prepared examples of given discounts in the following table:

example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
Original price 15,000 euros 9,000 euros 9,000 euros 2,600 euros
Final price 7,500 euros 6,500 euros 7,500 euros 2,000 euros

50 %

approx. 28% approx. 17%

approx. 23%

Tips from Projektify

From the results of our study, we were able to derive the following tips and information for our users:

  • Web projects: Affiliate and online shops in particular are selling well
  • Profits: The previous income is an important indicator of the purchase price
  • Selling price: Discount is important when selling (negotiations are normal)
  • Marketplace: The choice of platform has a critical impact on the success rate for web project sales
  • Requests: Due to the rather few inquiries, we recommend that every interested party respond promptly and professionally
  • Sales period: On average, web projects sell in 1-3 months. As a seller, you should therefore plan enough time

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