You want your own homepage and are considering whether you want to buy a homepage or build a homepage using a so-called modular system. Both have advantages and disadvantages. We would like to explain this in the blog article and then show you some offers for homepages.

Homepage from the construction kit

In the meantime, the market for website builders such as Jimdo, Strato, 1 and 1, Wix and many more is booming. You can now choose from the many providers how much you want to pay and which functions should be included. There are also often ready-made templates and homepages for the small budget. You advertise with the headline quickly and easily create a homepage in seconds and are surprised with packages that range from free to 100 euros. The advantages are that you don’t have to worry about a lot and actually hardly have any effort.
The disadvantage, however, is that without prior knowledge you often do not know which best practices are necessary in the creation of homepages. Be it call-to-action or perfect SEO optimization. Beginners are often in the dark here. What is also often a neglected area is the establishment of a homepage and the adaptation to the customer. A homepage must first be coordinated with the customer and provide him with exactly the information he needs. The site also needs some effort to get ahead in Google and achieve top

Buy a finished homepage

Buying a homepage means building on the success of your predecessor and being able to use his knowledge. You get an established model with possible first top placements and a customer group. Often times, the creator can give you valuable advice on how customers really behave. This helps you to expand your business online and to start faster and to avoid mistakes. You don’t have to spend any time optimizing or anything like that. In addition, your homepage is immediately available to you.
Disadvantages are certainly the uncertainty and the risk when buying. In this case, Projektify has you the safe sale offered. We offer you the option of paying your money securely through an escrow service. We have articles for you on our blog SEO metrics and Tips on buying created. Also the Drafting of contracts as well as a Price calculator are at your disposal. And the best thing is: Projektify is perfect free ! So don’t wait long and check out our ads at. Maybe there is something for you! For questions about homepages you can contact our Forum use and rate web projects there with other users. Good luck with your plans: Buy a homepage instead of carelessly from the construction kit!

On Projektify you also have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when purchasing a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project purchase advice “.


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