Assessment of a website with SEO metrics

If you want to sell your web project and are in the pricing process, you will find useful information about the website’s value here SEO Assess key figures.

The relevant SEO key figures include, for example, the visibility index, the domain popularity, the rankings, as well as the existing traffic in the form of unique visitors, PIs, length of stay and bounce rate. In the following, we would like to concentrate on the most important factors and give them to you so that you can clarify important questions in advance when buying / selling a website or another web project.

Visibility index of a website

The visibility index is an indicator for the visibility of the respective website in the Google ranking. The search engine index constantly determines the 100 best rankings for hundreds of thousands of search queries (keywords). So that the index remains relevant and has ongoing informative value, some of the keywords are constantly adapted to current events.

You can research the visibility index for your website or your project of desire, for example, here: but the Google Webmaster Tools also offer you free tools for this purpose.

Interpretation of SEO key figures

However, the visibility index should be treated with caution and does not provide any detailed information about the value and potential of a website, especially in the case of special niche sites. Since the keyword focus there often only covers a very small area, for which the “keyword pool” for the visibility index has hardly any key terms stored, the probability that important keywords are taken into account in the index evaluation decreases.

Backlink structure

Backlinks are extremely important for the SEO of a website. Anyone who was able to collect some of these backlinks from other websites shows Google the relevance of their online presence. Anyone who has something to show for here can confidently incorporate this into their pricing. In addition, plenty of backlinks, especially from other high-traffic sites, ensure sustainable traffic.

Internal linking & information architecture

The internal structure of a website, which can be made clear by means of internal links, is also extremely important for successful SEO. Is the content well coordinated and can references be made to one another? A good website has a clear topic area, which it serves with so much coherent information and / or offers. This is how Google and other search engines can use the Relevance of a website on a specific topic. If this relevance is high, especially compared to the competition, the ranking within the search engine also increases – this in turn results in new, higher traffic.

Existing website visitors (traffic)

The most important part in evaluating a website is the actual traffic. After all, an online offer is always aimed at visitors in the form of a clear target group. You only have the opportunity to justify a high price for your project if you already have traffic. Important factor: How long does the visitor stay on the website and do he / she take advantage of the offer, for example in an online shop – or does the visitor obtain extensive information on the respective website and show lasting interest? This is the only way to monetize the content in the long term.

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