Various factors play a role in the price of a website

Regardless of whether you want to buy a website or sell your web project on Projektify: Price negotiation plays a central role in the process. As a seller you want to achieve the highest possible price, as a potential buyer you want to look as little as possible for the website of your desire. Our will give you a rough overview of whether your asking price is realistic Price calculator for websites .

About that, which factors influence the price of a website or a web project , we have already explained in detail in an article. This includes above all the sales already achieved, the traffic, the differentiation from the competition and the further potential.

Tips for negotiating prices

If you want to negotiate a price, look for realistic sums. Don’t forget that the initiator of the web project also had a lot of work to do and that this should be appropriately remunerated. After all, you benefit from projects that are already running well, which you can simply continue or expand in the same way. You will also find out how to successfully and sustainably expand your web project after the purchase in our blog .

Nevertheless, there are points that can reduce the price of a website. During your negotiation, for example, you can point out the immense amount of time it takes to generate the income described. In addition, you can argue that while the income is high, the investments are also high. The pure profit is therefore relatively small. In a good advertisement, however, these factors are listed relatively precisely. Here’s how to write a good ad for your website on Projektify.

Factors that can reduce the price of a website

  • There is no adequate relationship between financial investments and returns
  • High expenditure of time
  • Low traffic
  • Bad SEO metrics
  • Information on determining a fair website price based on SEO metrics can be found in our Article on pricing with SEO metrics .

Nevertheless, make sure that during the price negotiation when buying or selling a website, as a potential buyer / prospect, you grant the seller adequate remuneration. If you take the bargaining to extremes, someone else may snatch the web project from under your nose. It’s best to have a look in our ads and try out the tips right away! If you are currently selling your web project or are in the process of buying one, we recommend our article on Drafting contracts when buying or selling or ours Model contracts for the sale of web projects .



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