For many, reading blogs has become part of a relaxed way of spending their free time. The people behind it not only write about a wide variety of topics, but are mostly normal people themselves without any special journalistic training. If so Your own blog has long been an option for you, then you will receive valuable tips here on how to implement one successfully.

A separate blog is being implemented

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of blogging in more detail will have noticed that many questions arise, especially at the beginning. Where can you create your blog? Which portals are there? What topic should you write about and how do you attract the right target group?
Questions upon questions, the answers of which we are trying to get to the bottom of here.

Find the right portal

The decision for the right portal is the first step towards your own blog and at the same time one of the most important. Because in order to avoid complicated moving later, it makes sense to determine the right home for your blog right from the start.

Since it is free and easy to implement, many authors start on sites such as Blogspot, Jimdo and Co. However, it is better to build your blog on your own web hosting package including domain and blog system. In this way you can always adapt your blog to your development as a blogger and you don’t have to subordinate yourself to any limits of the functions.

Choose a topic

A blog stands or falls with the topic. It forms the center of your page and lets readers decide in a few seconds whether they want to read your texts or not. As already mentioned, it is extremely important that you like the topic and that you can convey this enthusiasm through your texts. After all, nothing is more boring than reading texts whose author himself is not interested in the topic. So don’t just choose one topic just because it’s popular right now, but above all stay true to yourself. There are also enough readers for niche topics and sometimes a successful implementation can be much easier here, as you have to compete with significantly less competition.

Determine the target audience

The appropriate target group follows the topic. It has a lot to do with how you should build your blog. For example, if you have a younger community, your texts should be correspondingly more relaxed and youth-friendly. You can also be much more active in the social media area and advertise your blog here. An older readership, on the other hand, may be more interested in facts than in creative content. Perhaps you can reach this target group better through regular newsletter updates on new articles.

Generate traffic

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to SEO fair texts to compose. Because if you orient yourself on frequently used keywords, your articles will appear much higher up in the Google ranking. Conversely, this has the consequence that your blog appears among the first when users google online for certain terms that you have used as keywords in your texts. This way you can attract a lot of visitors to your site without having to spend any money.

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Who is it worth to have your own blog?

Your own blog is just the thing for you if you would like to discuss and write about certain topics. When developing content, you should focus particularly on your interests and your knowledge. As a rule, your own blog will only find loyal readers if you have the technical background to your topic. But you should also reflect your passion and your individual nature in your texts. This way you can stand out from other bloggers and create unique added value for your community.

Your own blog using Projektify

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