You are new to Projektify and want to sell your web company. You ask yourself: how should I proceed? Should I sell my web company on Projektify and what does it cost? I would also like advice and I am fundamentally insecure about the mission: sell web companies. We say: don’t worry: we are free and all information is available on our blog!

Should I put my project on Projektify?

We are free and you can basically post all blogs, online shops, startups, companies and much more with us. There is usually always a buyer for a project. We have also put together an e-book for you with all the information. Free to download, of course!

Reading tip: Ebook for selling web projects

How do i start?

The first thing you do is write an advertisement and submit your project to us. We have put together the tips for this. Read about it:

How do I calculate the price?

There are also articles and even a price calculator for this. It is not advisable to not indicate a price. Unfortunately, as a seller, you always have to arrive with the first litter.

How does the sale work?

You want to know how to proceed in general. How many inquiries usually come in this way and how did others do it. We have put together 4 case studies for you.

Reading tip: Web project sales case studies

How do I handle the sale?

After you have agreed on the price, you need to make a sales contract. We have made some sample contracts available to you for this purpose. Everything is free to download, of course!

Reading tip: Model contracts

Why is it free?

We have Projektify registered as a non-profit association at the Nuremberg District Court with the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship, company successions and start-ups in Germany. We see Projektify as a mission.

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.

Reading tip: Why are we free

The Projektify team wishes you a lot of success with your web company. We are always happy about Feedback and there is even something to win for it 🙂 Read our whitepaper: Earn money with web projects

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We are the international Version of a Marketplace for buying and selling webprojects. We give here recommendations for online-businesses and offer a tool for M&A Companies.

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