You have a new web project or have been running a website for a long time and now you don’t want to earn much money with it, for example to pay your server costs. In addition, even a little residual income can do no harm in times of low interest rates. But on the contrary: Passive income is more than just a good alternative.

You can already find countless articles on the Internet that describe how you are make money on the internet can. However, you usually have to laboriously collect all the information and transfer it into the context of your own project. That is why we would like to clear the way for you in the jungle of possibilities and offer an overview that shows you how you can generate traffic on the one hand and convert it into money on the other – without any magic.

“How do I get more traffic to my site and how can I make money with this?”

No traffic, no money – that sounds pretty tough, but it is. Monetizing your website is usually hardly worthwhile if you don’t attract at least 1000 visitors per month to your site. The good news: These 1000 visitors do not necessarily have to be unique visitors. Depending on the type of monetization, only the potential clicks count. And it doesn’t matter who clicks there (as long as you are not yourself). We’ll also show you how to get traffic to yours. So you can start right away and with your website earn money .

You have followed our SEO tips from the whitepaper and our blog, generated further traffic on your web project and now you want to really get started. This is how it should be: In the whitepaper, we would like to show you 5 effective ways you can turn your website into money. In addition to the possibilities mentioned in the whitepaper, there are other sources of income, but we want to disregard them in this case: Backlink -Selling and Co. can generate high sums of money, but are penalized by the search engines in the long term – which leads to less traffic via search engines, and thus to falling income from your other monetization sources.

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