What should be considered when selling a website?

Would you like to know how you can capitalize on your own website through a sale, or how you can acquire a well-running website that also gives you the opportunity to be a part of this huge market? Then you’ve come to the right place. So that you understand our offer at Projektify and can use it specifically for you, we want to bring you a little closer to the whole topic in this article.

Projektify is unbeatable as a platform for buying and selling websites

Perhaps you have already tried to offer your website for sale in various groups on social networks such as Facebook – with most likely modest success. On Facebook and Co., intent and expectation simply cannot be focused as clearly as on a specially developed platform. At Projektify we connect sellers with potential and seriously interested buyers of websites, blogs, forums, online shops and complete internet startups

What do I have to consider as a seller?

If you want to sell your project, you should first be sure that you really want to. Are you not in a position in time to lead the project to the success that lies dormant in it? Then this is most likely the right decision. In this way you give someone else the opportunity to bring the project you initiated to the top in the long term with time commitment and know-how. And how high the potential is is reflected in the purchase price. In order to get as much out of it as possible, you should try to describe your project as precisely as possible and highlight this potential. This puts you in a situation in which you can negotiate with the buyer on an equal footing.

What do I have to consider as a buyer of a website or internet start-up?

As a buyer, the first step should be to clearly define what type of project you are looking for. This increases the possibility that you will be offered a suitable website or online shop. The second step is to take a close look at the offers and weigh up whether you can use your skills to capitalize on the project after purchasing. If you answer the question with a “yes”, then you have definitely landed on the Internet project that is right for you. Now it’s just a matter of negotiating the purchase price. Make sure that, on the one hand, you are getting a good deal, but on the other hand, you are appropriately rewarding the potential.

Do I need a sales contract?

Since websites are not exclusively domains, but usually a lot of content and various rights that have to be transferred in the event of a purchase / sale, a sales contract is usually the best option. It is visible to both sides, the most important things are recorded in black and white and you have a document that you can refer to at every opportunity.

Do I have to have the sale handled by a notary?

No. The contract between buyer and seller is effective even without a notary. If you want the additional security, you can take advantage of it. Signing the sales contract with a notary makes sense, especially in the case of very large and extensive companies or high purchase sums. In the case of smaller sums and smaller websites, such a step must be weighed up individually, since of course the notary does not work for free.

What next steps do I take now?

You can now find more information in our Read blog or just ours Browse ads or directly for free create your ad . If you are currently selling your web project or are in the process of buying one, we recommend our article on Drafting contracts when buying or selling .



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