When selling a company, the following questions often arise: Where do entrepreneurs and interested parties actually come together? Which company sales portal is the best here?
The number of company takeovers and the number of sales portals has been growing steadily for years. Finding the right platform here is not that easy. We therefore introduce you to the three most famous ones in this article.

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What does a company sale portal do for me?

You can benefit from a company sales portal in several ways. It is usually easier to create a sales offer here. Many websites offer their members instructions in a modular format. So you can easily create an individual advertisement. You will be explained step by step which data is important.

But the many advice options can also help you sell your company. Especially if it’s your first time selling a company, these options are a huge plus. The biggest advantage here is certainly the amount of interested parties. Nowhere else can you reach so many people with your ad. The chance of finding a buyer for your project here is extremely high.

The Nexxt-change portal

With its 8000 rehabilitation partners, Nexxt-change is the largest portal for company sales within Germany. It is operated by KfW Bankengruppe from Berlin together with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The main aim of the exchange is to mediate contacts between entrepreneurs and start-ups. As a special service, the site also offers its members regional advisors. These experts come from the chambers of industry and commerce, banks and financial institutions, among others.

The page is divided into different categories. In addition to sellers and business start-ups, follow-up requests and offers can also be created here. The search indicator on the website also allows you to search for various industries or regions.


The abbreviation DUB stands for German Company Exchange. The portal has existed since 2011 and is operated jointly by several press companies. In addition to Handelsblatt, Die Welt and Wirtschaftswoche are also founders of the site.

Since then, the platform has specialized in the franchise sector and is one of the best-known portals in Germany. Users can benefit from interactive marketplaces, various options for crowd investment and regular industry meetings.

The Unternehmensmarkt.de portal

The corporate market portal is operated by Cobis GmbH based in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It was founded back in 1997 and was one of the first in the field of corporate sales. Right from the start, the stock exchange has specialized in small and medium-sized companies. In this area, the portal now offers offers from all industries and regions.

The website was also able to increase its level of awareness through its additional design in the area of corporate succession. In doing so, Unternehmensmarkt.de aims to make getting started as a successor as easy as possible. In order to achieve this, various services are provided on the site.

Comparison of the three exchanges

In order to make it easier for you to decide which portal to use, we have compared the three exchanges in different categories. Using the table, you can see which of the platforms is most suitable for you.

Nexxt change YOU B Unternehmensmarkt.de
Home page Clear & modern Clear & modern Old-fashioned construction & little structure
Started Free registration Account creation free of charge Free registration
Providing information Detailed


Location overview with links to suitable regional partners


other members can be contacted indirectly via a contact form



other members can be contacted directly


Key data on industries, sales amounts and sales


Company profile pages


other members can be contacted directly through their listing

Free areas All areas Search function for corporate succession, capital providers & consultants


Detailed search


News area

Search function for corporate succession


Detailed & express search


Email subscription


Info area & manual

Paid areas None Creation of advertisements


Advisory options


Online shop for specialist literature

Creation of advertisements



Projektify – your portal for company sales

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