When it comes to search engine optimization, the influence of page speed on SEO comes into play more and more often. In this article we will therefore clarify what exactly this is all about.

If you are currently working on optimizing your website for search engines, then you have certainly come across the term “Page Speed” several times. Perhaps you have also learned that page speed is playing an increasingly important role in Google rankings. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of faster loading times.

What does a fast loading time actually mean?

Unfortunately, that cannot be said across the board.
Because which page speed is considered to be fast differs enormously online. While one side argues that a loading speed is good if it satisfies the user, the other side refers to specific figures. There one usually speaks of values between 1.5 and 3 seconds for the download of a website.
However, since both parties often see an influence of the page speed on SEO, we clarify in the following which correlation exactly exists between page speed and the Google ranking.

Influence of page speed on SEO

For many Internet users, the time it takes for a Google search to be displayed is particularly important. We all want to be provided with information as quickly as possible. Google recognized this concern years ago and therefore decided in 2010 to include the page speed in the parameters of the search engine ranking.

Since mobile use has also increased over the years and we hardly ever put smartphones or the like out of hand, the company felt that the reasons for its approach were confirmed.

Since this meant a new direction of their site for many website administrators, Google created its own Page Speed Tool.
So everyone should be able to achieve an optimized page speed for SEO success.
The tool offers various assistance to inexperienced web project operators in particular. For example, an evaluation of the charging time can be carried out. Among other things, this can help to significantly increase the traffic on your own site.


The reason that Google decided on Page Speed as a ranking factor is mainly due to the fact that the duration of the loading time also has a major impact on the traffic of the page and the satisfaction of the customers. Experts recognized these effects some time ago and therefore included the loading time in their evaluation parameters.

Whether this decision about the influence of the page speed on SEO makes sense is still popularly discussed. This is mainly due to the fact that Google has not yet given a precise definition of page speed. So far, Google only considered the loading time that is required to load a website on the server. However, the time it takes for the Google bot to crawl IN is not taken into account.

If you would like to find out how you can optimize the loading speed of your page in a search engine-compliant manner, then read our other article on this topic. To do this, just click here .

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