Many people dream of having their own business. Especially in the last few years it has become easier and easier to set up your own small online business quickly and cheaply on the Internet.

Examples are a small online shop for products or your own services. For example, there are people who sell self-made knitwear or small wooden figures. You can also sell your own books or seminars. A secondary trade can be registered for this purpose.

There is another use case for established companies that can expand the sales channel through a homepage. For example, a stationary shop can also offer its goods on the Internet through an online shop.

Everything starts with an idea

Finding an idea isn’t easy though using a systematic process everyone will find the right idea for the small online business. It would be best if you are well versed in the subject and also have a great interest in regular further training. Then create a list of search terms that you associate with the topic.

Also take a look at Google under – similar search terms – for more inspiration. Example: 3D TV can also be searched for in combination with terms such as advice, product comparison, buying tips. You can tailor your offer perfectly to the wishes of potential customers.

Various methods can be used to make money such as: Include advertising, sell your own products or offer affiliate links. Affiliate in particular is a very good method for a small online business and is therefore explained in more detail in the next but one section.

DIY construction kit

If you now ask agencies for an offer for a suitable website, you will receive offers of 1000 – 10,000 euros. This is often far too much and exceeds your own budget. It can therefore be worthwhile to look at DIY construction kits to create your own website at low cost. Such DIY kits work often without any programming knowledge. Because actually costs to build a page mostly very little.

If you search Google under the search term DIY website construction kit, you will find many portals that advertise turnkey websites for startups and companies. It has the advantage that you do not have to spend any effort on the conception and planning. You receive finished designs and sample texts in such website construction kits. Examples are 1und1, WIX and Jimdo.

Create website with WordPress

WordPress is especially good for blogs and has a lot of plugins. With the help of these plugins, the WordPress site can even be used as a website or online shop. WordPress is based on the PHP scripting language and is free as open source software. In 2007 WordPress won the award for the best CMS system.

After installing WordPress and the plugins, you can use various ready-made designs that have been professionally created. These are available free of charge or for a one-off fee of 30 euros. Now all you have to do is insert your finished texts and images. Your own DIY website is ready, which you now only have to load onto the Internet.


In addition to programming a website, hosting is also an important factor. Hosting is easy to explain: If you work with a PC, you need storage space to store documents. To do this, you have a hard drive and can call up and display the files there using paths. The same goes for the internet. You need storage space on the Internet so that your website can be accessed by other users. There is a good overview of such services on this page . There are numerous foreign words in the hosting offers that are difficult to understand. But it is very simple for your purpose: Use either a specialized WordPress provider or a hosting offer with domain, MariaDB and PHP capability.

Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping

Own products are often expensive and require extensive logistics incl. Returns. This is usually a bit extensive to start with and should be avoided. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing.

Apply with affiliate marketing A product through a link. So you sell the product for a sales partner such as Amazon. For this there is a commission such as 5% of the sales price. The commission is particularly high for financial products.

The advantage is that no logistics have to be set up. The focus is on promoting the product and offering a good explanation or acting as a specialized seller. A good example are product comparisons or your own product tests with video reviews.

In conclusion, you are not offering your own products, but are promoting the products of other providers. You will receive a commission for this. It can also be worthwhile to offer the affiliate products in addition to existing own products. The advantage is that your own online shop can offer such a broad portfolio. On the one hand, this attracts more customers and, conversely, generates more sales.

An alternative to affiliate marketing can also be the dropshipping method. With dropshipping you can offer products without having them in stock yourself. If a customer orders such a product in the shop, you will not send it, but the retailer.

The difference is concrete: the customer is not forwarded as in affiliate marketing, but remains in the shop. The difference is that you receive more commission but also bear the risk: In this case, the customer buys the goods from you and you are therefore also responsible.

Getting the first customers to the site

Without the right visitors on the website, there is no revenue. Beginners in particular often try to lure visitors to the site through expensive advertising. But the budget is low, especially at the beginning. It is therefore important to first optimize the site based on the guidelines of Google and then to operate so-called content marketing through blog articles in order to get potential buyers to your own site.

First visitors can be implemented free of charge via good articles in connection with a Google optimization. The only thing that has to be invested in this is time. You have to write and optimize the texts. The chance is then given that you will appear on the first result pages of Google search queries from potential customers.


Realizing your own business has become much easier through the Internet and you can now easily and inexpensively create a website on the Internet and earn money. First and foremost is the right idea, which you can find by brainstorming and examining Google search queries. Then a website has to be created. For this you can use a website builder and create the website cheaply. No programming knowledge is required and you can use ready-made designs. Finally, you have to make sure that potential customers reach your website. In the article, Google optimization and content marketing were presented in the form of informative blog articles.

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