Once the web project is up and running, prospective entrepreneurs will of course wait for the first traffic, but what if this subsides again after a short time? Many then quickly question their product or service. The problem for a successful web project can also be completely different: with the usability of your website.

If the visitors find it difficult to find their way around your site and click around for too long hopelessly without finding what they are looking for, they are quickly dissatisfied. This in turn leads to the fact that the traffic on your site drops rapidly and the quality of your actual work, namely your product or service, is not even noticed.

But there are different aspects with which you can increase the usability of a successful web project and keep visitors to your website.

This is how a successful web project succeeds

There are many reasons why users leave a website quickly. These range from unappealing designs to confusion and incorrect addressing of the appropriate target group.

For a successful web project it is important that you pay attention to some important aspects that make a big contribution to the usability of your website. We show what these are in this overview.

Aspects that positively influence usability

Sensible structure: Users want to come to a page and be able to find their way around quickly. Therefore, you should provide your website with a concept that follows a logical structure and in which your visitors can find all important areas of your site at a glance.

Offer of a search function: In addition, it is certainly worth offering a search function that allows you to quickly find an area of your website.

Videos for explanations: Regardless of whether you offer products or services. Videos that show what you have to offer, what your company values or how you offer your services, are always a good addition to a text version. Short, concise videos can often not only be shown faster, they are also more convincing and stay in your head.

Reviews: But reviews are also a great way to bring users closer to the added value of your site. If you have a lot of positive reviews, visitors rate this as a positive sign and are more likely to place their trust in you.

Different formats: Nowadays it is also important that your web project is usable and visible on different devices. You should therefore optimize it for use on both PC and smartphones.

Aspects that negatively affect usability

Cluttered website: Clearly, nobody likes to end up on a confusing page on which an infinite amount of chaotic information pours in on them. This is exactly why you should think about which information and areas on your website are really relevant for your users.

Missing structure in the user journey: At the same time, it is important that your site follows the structure of a user journey. So it is structured in such a way that users only need a few clicks to get to the desired area. In addition, your areas should build on each other and parts that belong together should be able to be found on top of each other.

No explanations: You have to remember that you always see the offer of your products or services from your point of view as a seller and with a certain background knowledge. Deb visitors to your site, on the other hand, lack this experience, which is why explanations and descriptions are very important. After all, this is the only way for potential customers to recognize the value of an offer and to decide for you on the basis of this.

Missing uniform language: As interesting as it may be, changing the language within your We site can be very misleading. Instead, you should limit yourself to one language that suits your offer. If you are not sure, you can of course make your language available in various formats in several different languages.


As you can see, it is often comparatively simple and minor adjustments and mistakes that determine a successful web project. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is always worthwhile to look at your own website from the visitor’s point of view. This also means regularly optimizing your own platform. Again and again, ask yourself how you can make your site even more meaningful and structured and incorporate tools with added value. This is also an opportunity to set yourself apart from your own competition in a certain way.

In order to find out how satisfied your users are, you can, for example, include the option of a rating on your website or ask your users for a short feedback. But usability should also be in the foreground, so that you don’t bother your visitors with endless questionnaires.

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