No question about it, building a customer journey is a real aid in increasing success and profit, especially in terms of user-friendliness and the often associated high conversion rate. At the same time, however, there are always some hurdles when it comes to efficiently implementing the customer journey. In this article we want to clarify which exactly this can be.

Challenges along the customer journey

Although many web operators and companies know the advantages of the customer journey, many still find it difficult to build one efficiently and successfully. The same hurdles often arise that have to be overcome.

Inadequate analysis of the target group

An important and often neglected obstacle is the adequate analysis of the target group. However, touchpoints can only have a promising effect on a customer if they are explicitly tailored to them and their needs. To do this, however, the needs of the customer must be clearly identified. Since this is often not an easy problem to solve, the customer can take an active part in shaping the customer journey through measures such as bonus programs.

Customer needs are not sufficiently recognized

It is not uncommon for efforts to be made to quickly build a customer journey from the point of view of sales figures and with the aim of increasing sales or reducing costs. The central aspect of the buyer’s journey is often neglected, namely the customer and their needs themselves. These are precisely the essential parameters in order to fully exploit the potential of the touchpoints. After all, a customer journey primarily serves to anticipate the needs of the customer and to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty to the company in the long term.

Instead, the customer’s point of view is often neglected or viewed as secondary, which, conversely, often results in ineffective customer journeys with high bounce rates.

Empty promises

Often, however, customers are also disappointed by empty promises along their customer journey. Often companies and website operators try to attract customers through promising touchpoints, but these assurances cannot be kept in the end. Although this behavior usually enables a high conversion rate on your own website, it does not ultimately bring the buyer to a purchase or leaves them with negative feelings and disappointment after the purchase, which in turn has an extremely negative effect on the customer relationship and also bad ones Propaganda can result.

Conversely, this means that only promises that can be kept should be given. This is particularly important in the area of customer service. Here, for example, all employees should be informed about their options for compensation, so that uniform solutions can be found for the customer.

Focus on too few touchpoints

A very important mistake that is often made in the customer journey is that too few touchpoints are used. Companies and web operators are sometimes not even clear about how many options there are for the customer to interact with the organization and therefore do not make sufficient use of their opportunities. This results in an incomplete journey for the customer and makes him more susceptible to being influenced by the competition.

Lack of consistency

Anyone who uses a customer journey must ensure that uniform promises can be found along all sales channels and touchpoints. Because the customer often only unconsciously perceives touchpoints and does not actively differentiate between them. For example, the same data on job profiles must be available on the career website as on job portals, for example. At the same time, however, the same prices or product offers must also be found in online shops along all touchpoints, for example.


Ultimately, it is important not to lose the customer during their buying journey. In general, this describes the greatest challenge along the customer journey. Ultimately, this means that all important touchpoints must not only be recognized, but also used effectively. Particularly in view of the increasing competition on the internet, the customer must be regularly reminded of the uniqueness of your offer and encouraged in his purchase decision. You can achieve this above all if you manage to establish the highest possible conversion optimization with a focus on good usability on your website.

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