Selling a website is often a difficult mission. But after you have found a suitable buyer and also the Price negotiation has been successfully carried out, the sale can take place. The question now arises, however, how exactly does this sale work? We have put together the following tips for this purpose.

What you should consider before signing the contract

Before setting up the website selling contract as a buyer or seller, you should be sure that traffic, monthly income, the promised time expenditure per month and the statement about possible Google penalties are true and may or may not be recorded in the contract. In this way, you protect yourself retrospectively against surprises or the complaint from the buyer should the traffic crash due to various events.

The website sell contract and content

A website selling contract roughly consists of the following points:

  • Definition of the important terms (website, etc.)
  • Purchase item and inventory list
  • Purchase price
  • completion
  • Liability and Warranties

So in the first step you define what a website, server, data, etc. is. This means that there are no misunderstandings and you have a common understanding. Is an online shop a pure internet project or does that also include the goods? Then you describe as an inventory list what exactly is being sold. The next paragraph is devoted to the purchase price. Then you define the process. How can the buyer pay and how does he get the website. If the buyer insists on a special liability, you can insert this in the last chapter.

Now you should sign the contract twice and each buyer and seller will receive a copy. If it is a very large web project or a company, then you should consult a notary. However, from our experience, this is only worthwhile for companies and projects of 50,000 or more. Experience has shown that the notary costs at least 1000 euros and, as the saying goes, he only cooks with water.

The safe sale of Projektify

If you want to be on the safe side when buying, you can put the web project in the shopping cart at Projektify and buy it safely. We offer our trustee service for this. More information is available in the article: Safe selling of websites . To do this, you transfer the money to Projektify and we will manage it until the goods have been handed over. You have no risk with that! In any case, you will receive your entire web project and can install and check it. We always recommend you to use this service because it is perfect free .

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling a web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.

Here we go! Look directly into ours Web projects or give yours display on! For more information, see our Forum Ask questions (e.g. evaluate the dummy contract with other users) or the Blog read. We wish you every success buying or selling websites. If you already have a completed contract, please feel free to send it to us send and we make it available to other users. You can also watch ours Model contracts look at.



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