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Buy or sell your website securely with Projektify!

If you are planning to buy a website or sell your own web project, security is a top priority for you. As a seller, the money should reach you safely and as a seller you actually only want to pay as soon as you have everything you need from the seller. Unlike other portals for buying and selling websites, at Projektify we offer a completely secure platform – for sellers and buyers. When selling websites or buying a web project, it is often about sensitive data and not infrequently also significant sums of money. So that both are managed within a secure platform, we at Projektify offer both buyers and sellers protection in the form of fiduciary management. The Projektify Treuhand Terms and Conditions. You can find detailed instructions on how to use the service at this side .

This is how the secure buying and selling of websites works on Projektify

As soon as we have received this function via the “Send project request” button, we will connect buyers and sellers. Projektify monitors the process for as long and is available with advice and action. We can also take over the amount of money on a fiduciary basis if required. Our suggestions are only recommendations and do not replace legal advice.

As soon as the sale has been initiated and all details have been discussed, the buyer transfers the agreed amount to Projektify. We keep this money in trust until the seller has transmitted all necessary data and / or files to the buyer. Only then can you, as a seller, dispose of the money. A solution for financial processing that is secure for all parties and has already proven itself in various industries. In addition, all of your data is safe with us. You will not experience that we pass your data on to third parties or that something is lost. Just click on “add to cart” and buy the site at Projektify. Projektify also acts as a coach throughout the process with recommendations on what both parties could do. However, we are not liable for any errors. We also do not guarantee a binding sale of the project. This is still up to the seller, but we will help with words and deeds.

The advantages of securely selling a website on Projektify

By processing via Projektify, the timely payment of the agreed purchase price is guaranteed. If the payment is not made, it is easier to reverse the purchase contract. Projektify also helps you and makes sure that the deal is fair for both buyers and sellers.

We are certified by a service provider

We have the process of handling from a law firm through the brand certified webshop and Tested Shops 24 Have an independent check in order to offer you the highest possible security and protection. It is very important to Projektify to work with experts to ensure your safety. Our connection is protected by an SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt and our system is regularly checked by a virus scanner from Initiative-S. More information is available on the site Data protection and security .

 wird überprüft von der Initiative-S

It’s completely free

The process is absolutely free and you don’t pay any commission or fee. Neither as a buyer nor as a seller. You only pay any PayPal fees if you do not choose a transfer. Here you can find out why we are free.

At a glance:

  • Your data is safe with us and will not be lost
  • With buyer and seller protection, you don’t have to worry about your money or your data
  • Examination by an external expert service
  • completely free

Take a look directly at our advertisements and get an idea of our web projects or read ours Tips for starting a new company . If you are currently selling your web project or are in the process of buying one, we recommend our article on Drafting contracts when buying or selling or ours Model contracts for sales . Here you can find detailed instructions like that Escrow service is working.

At the same time, we also offer you services Purchase advice as well as for Sales advice at. Here you can exchange ideas directly with an expert.

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