Do you want to start a web project and become self-employed with it? In this day and age where most of the trading is done online, certainly not a bad idea! Nevertheless, as a beginner you should pay attention to a few important things. For this reason, we have selected 6 important tips for you, with which the founding of the web project can ultimately become a really successful step.

1. Tip: Build and maintain networks

Networks are a good way to consolidate your own position after establishing the web project in the long term. It doesn’t matter whether they are like-minded people online or friends and family. Every helper counts and can make a significant contribution to the success of your business idea. You should therefore always look out for ways in which you can get support from others, especially at the beginning, and then cultivate these connections so that they remain helpful to you over the long term. For example, consider entering into collaborations with other companies or asking family and friends to do a bit of advertising for you.

2nd tip: use range

A web project is only for, like the amount of people it reaches and convinces. Maybe you’ve developed a really innovative concept or built an advanced online shop with the help of technical tools. However, none of this will do you any good if you cannot reach people to whom you can also show this. It is therefore essential. For the success of the web project, establish that you make use of the reach.

In the initial phase, you should definitely look for ways to draw attention to a web project, for example by using social media platforms, writing to other websites for cooperation or starting blogging regularly.

3rd tip: analyze target group

You are fully motivated to start a web project and everything is going according to plan, but then the customers stay away. This not infrequently happens with start-ups and is usually due to two major problems. The entrepreneur does not know his target group or he does not make them sufficiently aware of his business. While the latter can easily be remedied with a suitable marketing strategy on a channel close to the target group, it is much more difficult with an incorrectly defined target group. After all, your web project can only be successful if you can acquire enough customers. However, this is only possible if a target group is gathered on your site that is also really interested in your product or service.

To solve this problem, you should first clarify which needs your web project meets and then consider which type of customer you can offer added value with it. On the basis of this knowledge, you can finally filter out your target group. You should constantly analyze these in order to be able to optimally tailor your offer to your customers.

4th tip: define a strategy

Nothing works without the right strategy. Think about exactly what you and what your customers want and how you can most efficiently achieve this denominator. Sometimes it is best to do everything yourself, but sometimes you should also consider handing over some tasks to external service providers. This can be particularly helpful if you still feel unsure or overwhelmed about a task. It is best to draw up a detailed concept for this by comparing the costs and benefits of the individual options.

A good business plan also always makes sense if you are still looking for suitable investors to convince them of your business idea, the web project.

Tip 5: Be confident

Self-confidence is extremely important, especially as a start-up. So that the web project can really be a success, you absolutely have to be convinced of yourself and your idea. Only if you fully support your work will you be able to convince others, for example employees or customers, of it. In addition, of course, it is often the case that motivation decreases a little over time. But if you do it with conviction, ambition and passion, this will not stop you.

6. Tip: Be patient

Last but not least, we recommend that you be patient. You don’t become successful overnight. Everyone starts small and then usually invests a lot of time and sweat before business even gets going. So set yourself realistic goals so that you are not disappointed in your expectations and always remember that you have to stay on the ball so that the hard work can pay off at some point.


Becoming successful with a business idea on the internet seems so easy. This is certainly due in particular to the comparatively low entry barriers, the mass of possibilities and the numerous published success stories. What is often overlooked, however, are all those online projects that fizzle out and never develop into successful businesses. Of course, a bit of luck is always a part of it, but in the case of failed start-ups, it is primarily the wrong approach. This is exactly why it is so important that you take the above tips really seriously in your own implementation and thus stay on the ball.

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