You have registered on Projektify, found a suitable web project for your needs, negotiated a good price and now you have all access data, files and information from the seller. There you are now and of course you want to continue successfully and make a good start in your new company. In this article, we will give you 3 clues and tips so that your start in the new company will be a complete success and you will not regret the step.

Understand the processes and contexts of your website

You can only identify and implement optimization potential if you analyze all relationships correctly. Occupied yourself down to the smallest detail with everything that defines your new website or your company in terms of web projects.

Don’t change too much at once – Never change a winning team

Sure – you bought the web project because it is already running or you see great potential in it: Now of course you want to optimize and change as much as possible. New possibilities of monetization, new design and Co. But here you should proceed very slowly and deliberately. Perhaps the website is already working quite well as it is – and as the saying goes: “Never change a winning team.” Do not scare the visitors with too many changes, but look little by little to see exactly where there is a need for optimization and where potential can be expanded.

Analyze and understand your target audience

The design, language and co. Of your website or your company (short: corporate identity) should be precisely tailored to the target group. If you have an online shop, you should analyze which products are doing well and which categories are not doing so well. Either you focus on the high-selling products or try to expand your target group. In order to always strike the right note and also to reach your visitors, the expertise of an SEO expert and text writer may be recommended. You can also use Google Analytics to analyze your target group and see where the strengths and weaknesses lie.

Make a plan and proceed slowly

If you pay close attention to the 3 broad clues, you won’t get much wrong. In any case, you should stay calm and analyze first before you take any further steps. If you have any further questions during the process, please feel free to contact one our partners turn or read like you optimize your website after buying it . You can also find in our blog Already a lot of information that can help you or ours Concierge service , which answers all your questions about web projects.



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