You are the owner of a web project and would like to successfully expand it or you have a question before buying your web project before continuing? We have already put together some tips for you, how you can optimize your web project successfully after the purchase and Tips for starting a new company . Do you want to find the right freelancer? Ask our strong partners ! However, it is not easy to find the right package in the large pool of freelancers and the many different individual services. For this we would like you free help. Also, before you buy, you can often never be 100% sure whether an offer is suitable for you.

There are too many freelancers and support portals

The career network Xing alone offers over 1 million freelancers for all areas and this is only a fraction of the available freelancers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you as an interested customer make an inquiry, many different and hardly comparable freelancers apply for this.

Often the work of a freelancer is only measured by the hourly rate and the actual performance can only be assessed afterwards. Another indicator can be local proximity, but in the age of Skype and e-mail this is actually becoming more and more negligible.

You ask, we answer!

You are no longer a mere recipient of products and services, but want comprehensive advice. A sensible strategy and a holistic service are important for your success. Innovation, change, specialization and the various customer requirements make the world more complex. For this reason we offer you our free concierge advisory service. This is French for receptionist and gives you answers to all your questions. Concierges always know what is happening and provide the right answers. You have probably already asked in a hotel where you can get something to eat nearby or whether there are great events in town today.

How does the Freelancer Concierge work at Projektify?

This service is very simple. You use the contact form below and ask us a question. This could be the following:

  • How do I sensibly expand my online shop?
  • I want a new design for my website!
  • I need more visitors to my website!
  • I want to generate more sales for my startup!
  • Which shop systems are currently available?
  • What is a content management system?
  • What potential do you see in web project XY?

You will answer these questions with an independent analysis of your web project and look for suitable freelancers as a bundle. That means we recommend a service package that can solve your problem quickly and inexpensively. So you don’t have to think too much yourself and you can have your problem solved all-in-one independently without having to book many individual services.

Which networks does Projektify offer?

Projektify has strong and well-connected partners. Together, these can offer many different services in combination. The advantage: Our freelancers are already working together and know each other very well. For this reason we offer the following services, among others:

Our service packages

Package: “Starter” pre-purchase analysis

We’ll help you and analyze a web project before buying it. Here you can get a dependent expert opinion on the web project together with our experts and us. If you even just do it with the Projektify team want to discuss then it is for you free !

“Bronze” package – perfect for beginners – analysis and optimization

You have bought a new web project and now you want to analyze the SEO metrics and the development environment as well as the potential of the web project. Our freelancers then implement certain urgent optimizations directly.
Here you get an initial analysis as well as the implementation of the most important construction sites of your new shop! An absolute top recommendation for your new web project. You can see this as sort of an initial inspection and maintenance for your new web project.

“Silver” package – an initial strategy / analysis and implementation of core functions

You have been running your shop for some time and have precise ideas about what should be implemented and what your goals are. We are happy to implement these goals for you. We first analyze how we can implement them and you will receive suggestions. We will then also implement these for you. Suitable if you have specific ideas about your goals and would like to expand your shop or if you want to renew and remodel some functions internally.

Package “Gold” – Complete analysis / strategy and further development of the web project

A complete analysis of your web shop for the following topics: marketing, conversion rate, users, sales figures, stability of development and a comprehensive functional test of your environment. Then we agree with you which topics we should address to reposition your shop in a new and better way. So this can be carried out up to the new development. New functions or extensions can also be built into your shop here. Suitable for fundamental innovations, a complete reorientation or major changes in your shop.



We take great care when sending data protection !


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