It is not enough to just visually build the customer journey. Optimizing the customer journey is also an important part of success. The aim is to recognize to what extent touchpoints can be optimized or additionally integrated along the customer journey.

Optimizing the customer journey – 2 helpful measures

Two measures in particular help to identify and use the potential for improvement in the customer journey Customer satisfaction and the Add-on principle .

Customer satisfaction

The first principle to optimize the customer journey is to measure customer satisfaction. Because theoretically a customer can break off his “journey” at any time. It is therefore important that your target group experiences positive experiences from touchpoint to touchpoint in order to “stay on the ball”. You can only find out whether you can achieve this by analyzing the individual levels of customer satisfaction at each point of contact and, if the quality is poor, initiating the necessary countermeasures.

With the help of a customer map and the associated coordinate system, you can see exactly this. In addition, you can also include the respective responsibility for a touchpoint in this map, so that you always have an eye on which area countermeasures need to be initiated. If customer service is inadequate, for example, you have to start with the HR department, while an inactive social media presence is clearly the task of marketing.

Add-on principle

The add-on principle describes a measure in which simply optimizing customer satisfaction is no longer sufficient for more efficient touchpoints. Instead, new points of contact must be established and new channels opened up. Here, too, the customer journey measure can be helpful. In this way, it can be read off where there are comparatively few or many weak points of contact. It is often precisely at this point that it makes sense to integrate new channels. At the same time, of course, this should happen with an eye and a sense of customer needs. Instead of creating new touchpoints indiscriminately and causing unnecessary additional costs for your company, you should first precisely define the relevance of new touchpoints. It can be helpful to compare your own customer journey with that of your direct competition in order to recognize where the potential of some channels has not yet been used and which touchpoints can be added in this context. But also regularly following changes of direction and innovations and quickly jumping on the bandwagon of new trends can be a good opportunity.


Always keep in mind that the success of a customer journey is limited if you do not work on it regularly. After all, trends, changes in direction and new tendencies change customer paths, needs and demands again and again. Sometimes it is enough to just tweak the existing touchpoints a little to bring customer satisfaction back to a higher level. At other times, however, it might make sense to integrate new points of contact into the customer journey, e.g. by opening up new channels, so that you can continue to stay close to the customer.

In general, it is best if you always keep an eye on both options and remain open to new approaches. After all, you should always look at the customer journey from the customer’s point of view and not from your own comfort zone. This is the only way you can guarantee that you are taking the right measures that are really tailored to your target group.

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