Something you read about over and over again on the internet is that you can make money from online surveys. But how much money are you talking about and how do you get such micro jobs? The next lines provide information!

Micro jobs: make money through online surveys

Whether or – there are many portals on which you can earn money with online surveys. What differs is the remuneration for the respective surveys. How you get the money afterwards also differs depending on the provider of online surveys. While easily transfers the money to your PayPal account, you collect points at You can redeem these points later for money or rewards such as shopping vouchers or household electronics. You have to decide for yourself what you like better.

Amount of remuneration for paid online surveys

The remuneration for online surveys is not high, directly in advance. Only rarely do clients pay more than one euro. In order to get an additional income on the Internet, you have to answer a few surveys. Since the questions are usually answered quickly and you do not need any previous knowledge, but often only ask for personal assessments, you can answer a large number of surveys in just one hour. The prerequisite is that enough surveys are available in which you can participate. In a first step, you usually answer a few questions about yourself from the providers. If you are then uninteresting as a survey participant because the provider is looking for a very special type of person (for example a single mother with two children or self-employed from East Germany) you do not earn any money.

Online surveys and taxes

A question that comes up again and again is: “Do I have to pay tax on the money I make from online surveys?” A clear answer: of course! Any income (also Income on the Internet ) must be stated in the tax return and, if applicable, taxed. Income remains tax-free only up to a tax-exempt limit. If you work as an employee and earn one or two euros with surveys, the income will be added to the income from your main job. The tax-free allowance is quickly exceeded. However, if you currently only have a 450-euro job (mini job), you could Crowdworking such as taking part in online surveys , definitely worth it. Because your marginal part-time employment is tax-free, the income in the online surveys is not added to the rest, but considered individually. That way you will mostly stay below the tax-free allowance. So only you can decide for yourself whether this form of crowdworking is profitable for you.

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