Financial independence is a desire many of us have. Website operators and bloggers in particular grapple with the question of how to become financially independent through your own website. In this post we would like to get to the bottom of this question and show you various ways to get one step closer to this goal.


The first and probably most decisive factor in being able to earn money with your own website at all is an attractive website. The higher the quality your website is, the more likely it is make money online and gain financial independence. If your site looks like “weeds and beets”, users will find it difficult to find their way around. In addition, the topic of your website should be served clearly in order to offer users added value. With increasing awareness, the chances of making money with the web project with the help of the following possibilities increase over time.


The best known method of generating profits with your own website is display advertising. To do this, you place advertising banners in certain places on your website. The aim is that as many as possible who visit your website, click on these advertising banners ( Ad click ) click. With PPC billing, you earn money with every click. How high the earnings with AdSense and Co depends on the cost-per-click (CPC), which the advertiser defines. The popularity of your website also plays a role here. The more visitors your website has, the higher the likelihood of financial compensation. The most popular CPC provider is the top dog Google with AdSense. For more information on contextual advertising, see our article: The best AdSense alternatives for your website .


This offers a popular form of earning money with your own website and thus becoming financially independent Affiliate marketing . This form of commission business is about earning commission for advertised products or services through your own website. With every successful one Backlink For the product or service provider, you receive a percentage participation that depends on the respective program (pay-per-sale). In the case of pay-per-lead billing, there can also be a lump sum as remuneration as soon as an active action (e.g. registering for a newsletter or ordering information material) takes place on the advertiser’s website. Affiliate marketing is extremely popular because it allows you to generate income without having to put in a lot of effort.

Tip: You can find more about affiliate marketing in our Category: Affiliate Marketing .


It is particularly lucrative for well-established websites to sell advertising on their own website. This saves unnecessary agency fees, as the entire income generated flows directly into your own pocket. You can sell your advertising space free of charge through special marketers such as and

You can also offer advertising space on your own website on general Internet marketplaces such as and However, this form is only financially worthwhile for large websites and Blogs with high visitor numbers.


Good income can also be achieved by renting out links. This path to financial independence is worthwhile even for smaller websites and also takes little time. You have the opportunity to contact potential advertisers via platforms such as backlink sellers, SeedingUp and Linklift. This type of increasing income via your own website is probably one of the easiest – but you shouldn’t overdo it, as Google doesn’t like to see “link slingshots” and therefore does not like to rank.


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