Earning money on the Internet – that is the dream of many nowadays and more and more are trying to make this dream a reality. The income should thus be achieved through online measures. In general, whether online or in a conventional way, a distinction is made between two main types of income generation, active and passive income. In our article we will show you what exactly this is and how it can be found on the Internet.


What is the difference between passive and active income?

Probably the best-known form of work is that of an employee. The employee is employed by a company and receives an appropriate allowance for his work. This remuneration is active income. The employee becomes active, paid by his physical and mental activity.

At the passive income on the other hand, time and money are invested in a project once or only for a foreseeable period of time. Then you generate regular income through this investment, without any further expenses. The money flows almost by itself.

In summary, the two types of income can be defined as follows: With active income generation, time is exchanged for money, with passive income, on the other hand, time is not exchanged for money, rather the person lets the money work for him.


How do I earn active or passive income on the Internet?

How exactly does active or passive income generation on the Internet look like? One way of making active income on the internet is that Online shop . In the online shop you have to constantly advertise new offers and send them to the buyer after a successful sale. This is where the above-mentioned principle applies, that time is exchanged for money. In principle, all platforms that offer a service for money count towards active income generation.

There are various strategies available to you for passive income. If you have your own website, you can expand it into an affiliate website. At the Affiliate marketing it is a commission business. Your website serves as the basis on which another platform is advertised. Here an advertising banner leads by means of Backlink to the advertised page. One provider of such advertising banners is, for example, Google Adsense.

Tip: There is also the possibility to buy ready-made affiliate websites. You can find out more here .

If you prefer to work creatively, there are two great ways for you to earn income on the Internet. For example, you can write an e-book and offer it online. Do you like to take photos in your free time or create graphics on your computer? Then you can also sell these online via platforms such as Shutterstock or Fotolia.

No matter how you want to earn your income on the Internet, you should first be clear about how much time you want to invest in your project. The online shop, but also the writing of an e-book, requires more time than purchasing an already finished affiliate website.


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